17-letter words starting with l

  • l'hospital's rule — the theorem that for the quotient of two functions satisfying certain conditions on a given closed interval, each having infinite limit or zero as limit at a given point, the limit of the quotient at the given point is equal to the limit of the quotient of the derivatives of each function.
  • la perouse strait — a strait between S Sakhalin Island, Russia and N Hokkaido Island, Japan connecting the Sea of Okhotsk and the Sea of Japan. 25 miles (40 km) wide.
  • label edge router — (networking)   (LER) A device that sits at the edge of an MPLS domain, that uses routing information to assign labels to datagrams and then forwards them into the MPLS domain.
  • laboratory school — a school maintained by a college or university for the training of student teachers.
  • laccadive islands — group of islands in the Arabian Sea, off the SW coast of India: part of Lakshadweep territory
  • lackadaisicalness — without interest, vigor, or determination; listless; lethargic: a lackadaisical attempt.
  • ladder tournament — a tournament in which the entrants are listed by name and rank, advancement being by means of challenging and defeating an entrant ranked one or two places higher.
  • ladder-back chair — a chair with a back of two upright posts connected by horizontal slats
  • ladies' auxiliary — an organization usually made up of the wives of members of another organization
  • ladies-in-waiting — plural of lady-in-waiting.
  • lady of the house — the female head of a household (usually preceded by the).
  • lady of the night — a tropical American shrub, Brunfelsia americana, of the nightshade family, having berrylike yellow fruit and fragrant white flowers.
  • lady-of-the-night — a tropical American shrub, Brunfelsia americana, of the nightshade family, having berrylike yellow fruit and fragrant white flowers.
  • ladybird (beetle) — ladybug
  • lagging indicator — A lagging indicator is an economic indicator that changes following a change in the economy, such as unemployment.
  • lago de nicaragua — Spanish name of Lake Nicaragua.
  • lagrange's method — a procedure for finding maximum and minimum values of a function of several variables when the variables are restricted by additional conditions.
  • lake of the woodsEldrick [el-drik] /ˈɛl drɪk/ (Show IPA), ("Tiger") born 1975, U.S. professional golfer.
  • lake waikaremoana — a lake in the North Island of New Zealand in a dense bush setting. Area: about 55 sq km (21 sq miles)
  • lake winnipegosis — a lake in S Canada, in W Manitoba. Area: 5400 sq km (2086 sq miles)
  • lambda expression — (mathematics)   A term in the lambda-calculus denoting an unnamed function (a "lambda abstraction"), a variable or a constant. The pure lambda-calculus has only functions and no constants.
  • lambdoidal suture — the lambda-shaped seam or line of joining between the occipital and two parietal bones at the back part of the skull.
  • lame-duck session — (formerly) the December to March session of those members of the U.S. Congress who were defeated for reelection the previous November.
  • lan administrator — (job)   A person who installs and maintains LAN hardware and software. A LAN administrator troubleshoots network usage and computer peripherals. He installs new users, performs system backups and data recovery, and resolves LAN communications problems.
  • lan kanal adapter — (networking)   (LKA) A sort of external LAN interface for a BS200 computer.
  • lancashire heeler — a small sturdy dog of a breed with a short thick black or liver-coloured coat with tan markings, often used for herding cattle
  • lance of courtesy — a lance having a blunt head to prevent serious injury by a jouster to an opponent.
  • landlocked salmon — a variety of the Atlantic Ocean salmon, Salmo salar, confined to the freshwater lakes of New England and adjacent areas of Canada.
  • landscape painter — artist who depicts natural scenery
  • landscaped garden — a garden that has been artistically designed
  • langerhans islets — islets of Langerhans
  • langmuir isotherm — A Langmuir isotherm is a classical relationship between the concentrations of a solid and a fluid, used to describe a state of no change in the sorption process.
  • language planning — the development of policies or programs designed to direct or change language use, as through the establishment of an official language, the standardization or modernization of a language, or the development or alteration of a writing system.
  • language transfer — transfer (def 20).
  • lanthanide series — the series of rare-earth elements of atomic numbers 57 through 71 (lanthanum through lutetium).
  • laplace transform — a map of a function, as a signal, defined especially for positive real values, as time greater than zero, into another domain where the function is represented as a sum of exponentials.
  • lares and penates — household gods
  • large-leaved lime — an ornamental European tree with small pale yellow flowers and which grown on lime-rich soils
  • larmor precession — the precession of charged particles, as electrons, placed in a magnetic field, the frequency of the precession (Larmor frequency) being equal to the electronic charge times the strength of the magnetic field divided by 4π times the mass.
  • laryngopharyngeal — of, relating to, or involving the larynx and pharynx.
  • last-in first-out — stack
  • latent strabismus — the tendency, controllable by muscular effort, for one or both eyes to exhibit strabismus.
  • latitudinarianism — Tolerance of other people's views, particularly in religious context.
  • latter-day saints — a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • laurent's theorem — the theorem that a function that is analytic on an annulus can be represented by a Laurent series on the annulus.
  • lautenclavicymbal — a harpsichord with strings of gut rather than metal.
  • law of reflection — the principle that when a ray of light, radar pulse, or the like, is reflected from a smooth surface the angle of reflection is equal to the angle of incidence, and the incident ray, the reflected ray, and the normal to the surface at the point of incidence all lie in the same plane.
  • law of refraction — the principle that for a ray, radar pulse, or the like, that is incident on the interface of two media, the ratio of the sine of the angle of incidence to the sine of the angle of refraction is equal to the ratio of the velocity of the ray in the first medium to the velocity in the second medium and the incident ray, refracted ray, and normal to the surface at the point of incidence all lie in the same plane.
  • law of the jungle — a system or mode of action in which the strongest survive, presumably as animals in nature or as human beings whose activity is not regulated by the laws or ethics of civilization.
  • law of trichotomy — the property that for natural numbers a and b , either a is less than b , a equals b , or a is greater than b .

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