Words starting with kungchiu

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Maybe these words will be useful:
  • kungliga tekniska högskolan — (body, education)   (KTH, Royal Institute of Art and Technology) A Swedish university founded in 1827 that is strong in engineering and computing (e.g. AI, Virtual Reality). In 1998 KTH had nearly 11,000 undergraduate students, 1,300 postgraduate students, and 2,900 staff, making it the largest of Sweden's six universitites of technology. Address: Stockholm, Sweden.
  • kungHans, born 1928, Swiss Roman Catholic theologian and writer: critic of papal authority.
  • kung fu — an ancient Chinese method of self-defense by striking blows at vulnerable areas of an attacker's body using fluid movements of the hands and legs.
  • kung pao — a kind of Sichuan dish of chicken/pork/etc and peanuts, chiles etc.