Words starting with j

1 letter words starting with j

  • j — the tenth letter of the English alphabet, a consonant.
  • j particle — an early name for the J/psi particle.
  • j robert oppenheimer — J(ulius) Robert, 1904–67, U.S. nuclear physicist.
  • j say — Jean Baptiste [zhahn ba-teest] /ʒɑ̃ baˈtist/ (Show IPA), 1767–1832, French economist. Compare Say's law.

2 letter words starting with j

  • ja — yes.
  • jc — (language)   Version 1.50 alpha compiler(->C) David Gudeman <[email protected]> A janus-to-C compiler (considerably faster than qdjanus). jc is a sequential implementation of a concurrent language. bugs: <[email protected]> ports: sun-4, sun-3, Sequent Symmetry jc is an experimental system, undergoing rapid development. Mailing list: [email protected]
  • jd — Doctor of Laws
  • je — Jersey
  • jg — Judges

3 letter words starting with j

  • jab — a poke with the end or point of something; a sharp, quick thrust.
  • jac — jacket.
  • jag — a period of unrestrained indulgence in an activity; spree; binge: a crying jag; a talking jag.
  • jai — victory (to)
  • jak — jackfruit.

4 letter words starting with j

  • jaap — a simpleton or country bumpkin
  • jackSir John Arthur ("Jack") 1926–2014, Australian racing-car driver and designer.
  • jade — James' DSSSL Engine
  • jael — a woman who killed Sisera by hammering a tent pin into his head as he slept. Judges 4:17–22.
  • jaen — a city in S Spain, NNW of Granada.

5 letter words starting with j

  • j-pop — pop music from Japan (often used attributively): J-pop fans; This station plays all my favorite J-pop.
  • jabal — a son of Lamech, and the progenitor of nomadic shepherds. Gen. 4:20.
  • jabir — Geber.
  • jabot — a decorative ruffle or other arrangement of lace or cloth attached at the neckline and extending down the front of a woman's blouse or dress or, formerly, of a man's shirt.
  • jacal — JAffer's Canonical ALgebra

6 letter words starting with j

  • jabari — a male given name: from a Swahili word meaning “brave.”.
  • jabbed — a poke with the end or point of something; a sharp, quick thrust.
  • jabber — rapid, indistinct, or nonsensical talk; gibberish.
  • jabiru — a large stork, Jabiru mycteria, of the warmer regions of the New World.
  • jabrud — a Paleolithic site in SW Syria, in the Anti-Lebanon mountain range.

7 letter words starting with j

  • j-cloth — a light, absorbent, reusable cloth used for wiping household surfaces
  • jabbing — a poke with the end or point of something; a sharp, quick thrust.
  • jabroni — (professional wrestling slang) a performer whose primary role is to lose to established talent.
  • jacalyn — a female given name.
  • jacamar — any tropical American bird of the family Galbulidae, having a long bill and usually metallic green plumage above.

8 letter words starting with j

  • j'accuse — any strong denunciation
  • j'adoube — an expression of an intention to touch a piece in order to adjust its placement rather than to make a move
  • j'ouvert — the eve of Mardi gras; the Monday morning on which the festivities begin
  • j-stroke — (in canoeing) a stroke, made in the shape of the letter J, used to alter the course of the canoe, usually to compensate for drifting sideways.
  • jabalpur — a city in central Madhya Pradesh, in central India.

9 letter words starting with j

  • jabbering — rapid, indistinct, or nonsensical talk; gibberish.
  • jaborandi — any of several South American shrubs belonging to the genus Pilocarpus, of the rue family.
  • jacaranda — any of various tropical trees belonging to the genus Jacaranda, of the catalpa family, having showy clusters of usually purplish flowers.
  • jackfruit — a large, tropical, milky-juiced tree, Artocarpus heterophyllus, of the mulberry family, having stiff and glossy green leaves, cultivated for its very large, edible fruit and seeds.
  • jackknife — a large pocketknife.

10 letter words starting with j

  • jabberwock — a playful imitation of language consisting of invented, meaningless words; nonsense; gibberish.
  • jaboticaba — an evergreen tree, Myrciaria cauliflora, of the Myrtle family, native to southern Brazil, bearing on the trunk small clusters of edible, grapelike fruit.
  • jabotinskyVladimir, 1880–1940, Russian Zionist leader in Palestine.
  • jack-knife — a large pocketknife.
  • jackanapes — an impertinent, presumptuous person, especially a young man; whippersnapper.

11 letter words starting with j

  • jabberwocky — a playful imitation of language consisting of invented, meaningless words; nonsense; gibberish.
  • jack-rabbit — any of various large hares of western North America, having very long hind legs and long ears.
  • jacklighter — a person who hunts or fishes at night with the aid of a jacklight.
  • jactitation — Law. a false boast or claim that causes injury to another.
  • janus-faced — having two faces, one looking forward, one looking backward, as the Roman deity Janus.

12 letter words starting with j

  • jack-a-dandy — dandy (def 1).
  • jack-the-lad — a young man who is regarded as a brash, loud show-off
  • jacksonville — a seaport in NE Florida, on the St. John's River.
  • jaculiferous — having dartlike spines.
  • japonaiserie — stylistic characteristics, as in art, decor, or film, influenced by or reflective of Japanese culture and tradition.

13 letter words starting with j

  • jack-the-rags — a rag-and-bone man
  • jeffersontown — a town in N Kentucky.
  • jequitinhonha — a river in E Brazil, flowing from the state of Minas Gerais to the Atlantic Ocean. 500 miles (805 km) long.
  • jet-propelled — propelled by a jet engine or engines.
  • jet-enamelled ware — English Worcester porcelain ware of the 18th century, transfer-printed in black.

14 letter words starting with j

  • jack-in-office — a self-important petty official
  • jackknife-fish — a black and white, American drum, Equetus lanceolatus, found in tropical areas of the Atlantic Ocean, having an elongated dorsal fin that is held erect.
  • jeffersonville — a city in S Indiana, on the Ohio River.

15 letter words starting with j

  • jack-in-the-box — a toy consisting of a box from which an enclosed figure springs up when the lid is opened.
  • jack-o'-lantern — a hollowed pumpkin with openings cut to represent human eyes, nose, and mouth and in which a candle or other light may be placed, traditionally made for display at Halloween.
  • jaques-dalcroze — Émile [French ey-meel] /French eɪˈmil/ (Show IPA), 1865–1950, Swiss composer and teacher: created eurythmics.
  • jeffersonianism — pertaining to or advocating the political principles and doctrines of Thomas Jefferson, especially those stressing minimum control by the central government, the inalienable rights of the individual, and the superiority of an agrarian economy and rural society.

17 letter words starting with j

18 letter words starting with j

  • jack-in-the-pulpit — A North American plant, Arisaema triphyllum, of the arum family, having an upright spadix arched over by a green or striped purplish-brown spathe.
  • jack-of-all-trades — a person who is adept at many different kinds of work.

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