Words starting with isti

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Maybe these words will be useful:
  • istambuli — a native or inhabitant of Istanbul.
  • istana — (in Malaysia) a royal palace
  • istanbul — a port in NW Turkey, on both sides of the Bosporus: built by Constantine I on the site of ancient Byzantium; capital of the Eastern Roman Empire and of the Ottoman Empire; capital removed to Ankara 1923.
  • isth. — isthmus
  • isthmectomy — (surgery) The surgical removal of the band of tissue (or isthmus) connecting the two lobes of the thyroid gland.
  • isthmi — a narrow strip of land, bordered on both sides by water, connecting two larger bodies of land.
  • isthmian — of or relating to an isthmus.
  • isthmian games — one of the great national festivals of ancient Greece, held every two years on the Isthmus of Corinth.
  • isthmic — isthmian