Words starting with ib

3 letter words starting with ib

  • ib. — ibid.
  • iba — Independent Broadcasting Authority
  • ibf — International Boxing Federation
  • ibm — International Business Machines
  • ibn — (in Arabic names) son of.

4 letter words starting with ib

  • iban — Also called Sea Dayak. a member of any of several Dayak tribes of Sarawak.
  • ibeu — Independent Bakery Employees Union
  • ibew — International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
  • ibex — any of several wild goats of the genus Capra, inhabiting mountainous regions of Eurasia and North Africa, having long, recurved horns.
  • ibfg — Internationaler Bund Freier Gewerkschaften (International Confederation of Free Trade Unions)

5 letter words starting with ib

  • ibada — any of the religious duties of a Muslim, including the recital of the creed, the five daily recitals of prayers, the Ramadan fast, almsgiving, and the pilgrimage to Mecca.
  • ibadi — a North African Kharijite.
  • ibert — Jacques François Antoine [zhahk frahn-swa ahn-twan] /ʒɑk frɑ̃ˈswa ɑ̃ˈtwan/ (Show IPA), 1890–1962, French composer.
  • ibiza — a Spanish island in the SW Balearic Islands, in the W Mediterranean Sea. 209 sq. mi. (541 sq. km).
  • iblis — an evil spirit or devil, the chief of the wicked jinn.

6 letter words starting with ib

  • ibadah — the following of Islamic beliefs and practices
  • ibadan — a city in SW Nigeria.
  • ibague — a city in W central Colombia.
  • ibanez — Vicente Blasco [bee-then-te blahs-kaw] /biˈθɛn tɛ ˈblɑs kɔ/ (Show IPA), Blasco Ibáñez, Vicente.
  • iberia — Also called Iberian Peninsula. a peninsula in SW Europe, comprising Spain and Portugal.

7 letter words starting with ib

  • ibaraki — a prefecture in central Honshu, Japan.
  • iberian — of or relating to Iberia in SW Europe, its inhabitants, or their language.
  • iberian peninsula — Also called Iberian Peninsula. a peninsula in SW Europe, comprising Spain and Portugal.
  • ibrahim pasha — 1789–1848, Egyptian general: governor of Syria 1833–40 (son of Mehemet Ali).

8 letter words starting with ib

  • iberises — Plural form of iberis.
  • ibn-ezra — Abraham Ben Meir. 1093–1167, Jewish poet, scholar, and traveller, born in Spain
  • ibn-saud — Abdul-Aziz (æbˈdʊlæˈziːz). 1880–1953, first king of Saudi Arabia (1932–53)
  • ibogaine — an alkaloid, C 20 H 26 N 2 O, obtained from an African shrub, Tabernanthe iboga, having antidepressant and hallucinogenic properties.
  • ibsenism — a manner or style of dramatic structure or content characteristic of Ibsen.

9 letter words starting with ib

  • ibervillePierre le Moyne [pyer luh mwan] /pyɛr lə ˈmwan/ (Show IPA), Sieur, 1661–1706, French naval officer, born in Canada: founder of the first French settlement in Louisiana, 1699.
  • ibn-rushd — Averroës
  • ibuprofen — a white powder, C 13 H 18 O 2 , used especially in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antipyretic.

10 letter words starting with ib

  • ibn-batuta — 1304–?68, Arab traveller, who wrote the Rihlah, an account of his travels (1325–54) in Africa and Asia

11 letter words starting with ib

  • ibn-gabirol — Solomon. ?1021–?58, Jewish philosopher and poet, born in Spain. His work The Fountain of Life influenced Western medieval philosophers
  • ibn-khaldun — 1332–1406, Arab historian and philosopher. His Kitab al-`ibar (Book of Examples) is a history of Islam
  • ibritumomab — A monoclonal antibody which is linked with yttrium-90 as the drug ibritumomab tiuxetan.

12 letter words starting with ib

  • ibn-al-arabi — Muhyi-l-din. 1165–1240, Muslim mystic and poet, born in Spain, noted for his influence on Sufism

15 letter words starting with ib

  • ibero-maurusian — of or relating to an Epipaleolithic culture of northwestern Africa that preceded the Capsian culture and was once erroneously thought to have originated in southwestern Europe; characterized by the use of backed bladelets, occupation of the maritime plain, and the hunting of the Barbary sheep.

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