Words starting with ger

3 letter words starting with ger

  • ger — A yurt.

4 letter words starting with ger

  • ger. — gerund
  • gera — a city in E central Germany.
  • gerb — A firework that produces a fountain of sparks.
  • gerd — gastroesophageal reflux disease.
  • germ — a microorganism, especially when disease-producing; microbe.

5 letter words starting with ger

  • gerah — an ancient Hebrew weight and coin, equal to 1/20 (0.05) of a shekel.
  • gerar — an ancient city in Palestine, near the Mediterranean: now an archaeological site in Israel.
  • gerbe — (now obsolete) A (wheat) sheaf.
  • gerim — Plural form of ger.
  • germs — a microorganism, especially when disease-producing; microbe.

6 letter words starting with ger

  • gerald — a male given name: from Germanic words meaning “spear” and “rule.”.
  • gerant — The manager or acting partner of a company, joint-stock association, etc.
  • gerard — Comte Étienne Maurice [kawnt ey-tyen moh-rees] /kɔ̃t eɪˈtyɛn moʊˈris/ (Show IPA), 1773–1852, French marshal under Napoleon.
  • gerbil — any of numerous small burrowing rodents of the genus Gerbillus and related genera, of Asia, Africa, and southern Russia, having long hind legs used for jumping.
  • gerboa — Alternative form of jerboa.

7 letter words starting with ger

  • geraint — one of the knights of the Round Table, husband of Enid.
  • gerbera — any of various composite plants of the genus Gerbera, native to Africa and Asia, having showy, many-rayed flowers ranging from yellow to red.
  • gerbils — Plural form of gerbil.
  • gerenuk — a reddish-brown antelope, Litocranius walleri, of eastern Africa, having a long, slender neck.
  • gergiev — Valery Abesalovich. born 1953, Russian conductor; musical director of the Kirov (now the Mariinsky) Opera from 1988; principal conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra (2007–15)

8 letter words starting with ger

  • geranial — a pale yellow, water-insoluble, liquid aldehyde, C 10 H 16 O, having a strong lemonlike odor, consisting in natural form of two isomers (citral a or geranial and citral b or neral) usually obtained from the oils of lemon and orange or synthetically: used chiefly in perfumery, flavoring, and the synthesis of vitamin A.
  • geraniol — a colorless or pale-yellow terpene alcohol, C 10 H 18 O, with a geraniumlike odor, found in rose oil, soluble in alcohol and ether, insoluble in water: used in perfumes and flavors.
  • geranium — any of numerous plants of the genus Geranium, which comprises the crane's-bills.
  • gerardia — any plant of the genus Gerardia
  • gerberas — Plural form of gerbera.

9 letter words starting with ger

10 letter words starting with ger

  • geratology — the study of the diminution or decline of life, as in an individual animal or a species approaching extinction.
  • geriatrics — Slang. an old person.
  • germanates — Plural form of germanate.
  • germanders — Plural form of germander.
  • germantown — a NW section of Philadelphia, Pa.: American defeat by British 1777.

11 letter words starting with ger

  • gerlachovka — a mountain in N Slovakia: highest peak of the Carpathian Mountains. 8737 feet (2663 meters).
  • germ-killer — any substance that kills microorganisms
  • germaneness — The property of being germane.
  • germaphobia — Pathological fear of germs.
  • germaphobic — Alternative form of germophobic.

12 letter words starting with ger

  • geraniaceous — belonging to the Geraniaceae, the geranium family of plants.
  • geriatrician — the branch of medicine dealing with the diseases, debilities, and care of aged persons.
  • germanophile — a person who is friendly toward or admires or studies Germany or German culture.
  • germanophobe — a person who hates or fears Germany, Germans, or German culture.
  • germinations — Plural form of germination.

13 letter words starting with ger

  • geriatricians — Plural form of geriatrician.
  • germinability — the degree of ability of a seed to germinate or sprout.
  • gerodontology — the branch of dentistry dealing with aging and aged persons.
  • gerontocratic — government by a council of elders.
  • gerontologist — the branch of science that deals with aging and the problems of aged persons.

14 letter words starting with ger

  • germanomethane — (chemistry) germanium tetrahydride.
  • gerontocracies — Plural form of gerontocracy.
  • gerontological — Of or pertaining to gerontology.
  • gerontomorphic — relating to mature masculine characteristics
  • gerrymandering — U.S. Politics. the dividing of a state, county, etc., into election districts so as to give one political party a majority in many districts while concentrating the voting strength of the other party into as few districts as possible.

15 letter words starting with ger

16 letter words starting with ger

  • gerontomorphosis — Biology. evolutionary specialization of a species to a degree that decreases its capability for further adaptation and eventually leads to its extinction.

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