Words starting with fy

2 letter words starting with fy

  • fy — (archaic) Expressing disapproval.

3 letter words starting with fy

  • fya — For your amusement.
  • fye — Alternative form of fie.
  • fyi — (FYI) A subseries of RFCs that are not technical standards or descriptions of protocols. FYIs convey general information about topics related to TCP/IP or the Internet. See also STD.
  • fyn — an island in S Denmark. 1149 sq. mi. (2975 sq. km).

4 letter words starting with fy

  • fyce — feist.
  • fyi4 — [Malkin, G., and A. Marine, "FYI on Questions and Answers: Answers to Commonly asked "New Internet User" Questions", FYI 4, RFC 1325, Xylogics, SRI, May 1992.]
  • fyke — a bag-shaped fish trap.
  • fyle — (Scotland, transitive) Alternative form of file.
  • fyrd — the militia in Anglo-Saxon England.

5 letter words starting with fy

  • fyces — feist.
  • fylde — a region in NW England in Lancashire between the Wyre and Ribble estuaries
  • fynde — Obsolete spelling of find.
  • fyrom — Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
  • fytte — fit3 .

6 letter words starting with fy

  • fylfot — a swastika.
  • fynbos — (botany) Vegetation unique to the Cape Floral Kingdom made up chiefly of Proteaceae, restios and Ericaceae.

7 letter words starting with fy

  • fylfots — Plural form of fylfot.
  • fyrdman — An English militiaman of the Saxon period; often a land worker called to arms in support of the King or a local Lord. The fyrdmen were usually armed with either swords or spears.
  • fyrdmen — Plural form of fyrdman.

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