Words starting with fs

2 letter words starting with fs

  • fs — the sixth letter of the English alphabet, a consonant.

3 letter words starting with fs

  • fsa — Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries
  • fsb — front side bus
  • fsc — Brothers of the Christian Schools; Christian Brothers
  • fsf — Free Software Foundation
  • fsh — follicle-stimulating hormone

4 letter words starting with fs

  • fsck — 1.   (operating system)   file system check. The Unix program that checks a file system for internal consistency and bad blocks etc. and can repair some faults. fsck is often used after a crash when the file system has been left in an inconsistent state, e.g. due to incomplete flushing of buffers. 2.   (jargon)   Used on Usenet newsgroup alt.sysadmin.recovery as substitute for "fuck" and became more main-stream after the Communications Decency Act.

5 letter words starting with fs

  • fslic — Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation

6 letter words starting with fs

  • fsplit — A tool to split up monolithic Fortran programs.

On this page, we collect all words starting with FS. To make easier to find the right word we have divided all 13 words to groups according to their length. So you should go to appropriate page if can’t find the word that beginning with FS. that you are searching. Also you can use this page in Scrabble.

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