Words starting with flatio

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Maybe these words will be useful:
  • flating — (obsolete) With the flat side, as of a sword; flatlong; in a prostrate position.
  • flatirons — Plural form of flatiron.
  • flatiron — a nonelectric iron with a flat bottom, heated for use in pressing clothes, cloth, etc.
  • flat a — the vowel sound of a as in the usual US or S Brit pronunciation of hand, cat, usually represented by the symbol (æ)
  • flat back four — a set of four fullbacks in line formation
  • flat battery — power cell that has run down
  • flat car — a railroad car without raised sides or ends
  • flat feet — feet affected by a condition in which the entire sole of the foot is able to touch the ground because of flattening of the instep arch
  • flat foot — flat footed person
  • flat pack — Flat pack furniture is furniture such as shelves and cupboards which you buy as a number of separate pieces and assemble yourself.