Words starting with flat

4 letter words starting with flat

  • flat — horizontally level: a flat roof.
  • flat a — the vowel sound of a as in the usual US or S Brit pronunciation of hand, cat, usually represented by the symbol (æ)
  • flat address space — (architecture)   The memory architecture in which any memory location can be selected from a single contiguous block by a single integer offset. Almost all popular processors have a flat address space, but the Intel x86 family has a segmented address space. A flat address space greatly simplifies programming because of the simple correspondence between addresses (pointers) and integers.
  • flat arch — an arch having a more or less flat intrados and extrados with voussoirs radiating from a center below the arch.
  • flat as a pancake — without any curves or bumps

5 letter words starting with flat

  • flate — (intransitive, obsolete) To feel nausea.
  • flats — horizontally level: a flat roof.

6 letter words starting with flat

  • flathe — Flan.
  • flatly — absolutely and without qualification: Our offer was flatly rejected.
  • flatty — a flat shoe, a shoe without heels
  • flatus — intestinal gas produced by bacterial action on waste matter in the intestines and composed primarily of hydrogen sulfide and varying amounts of methane.

7 letter words starting with flat

  • flatbed — Also called flatbed trailer, flatbed truck. a truck or trailer having an open body in the form of a platform without sides or stakes. Compare stake truck.
  • flatcar — a railroad car consisting of a platform without sides or top.
  • flating — (obsolete) With the flat side, as of a sword; flatlong; in a prostrate position.
  • flatlet — a residential apartment with only one or two rooms.
  • flatted — horizontally level: a flat roof.

8 letter words starting with flat

  • flat-out — moving or working at top speed or with maximum effort; all-out: a flat-out effort by all contestants.
  • flat-saw — plain-saw.
  • flat-top — an aircraft carrier.
  • flatback — a short name for the flatback turtle, Natator depressa, which is native to Australasia and characterized by the flatness of its back
  • flatbeds — Plural form of flatbed.

9 letter words starting with flat

  • flat-file — noting or pertaining to a database system in which each database consists of a single file not linked to any other file.
  • flat-knit — (of a fabric) made by flat knitting.
  • flat-pick — to play (an instrument) by plucking its strings with a flat pick.
  • flatboats — Plural form of flatboat.
  • flatbread — Also, flatbrod [flat-brohd] /ˈflæt broʊd/ (Show IPA). a thin, waferlike bread, usually rye, baked especially in Scandinavian countries.

10 letter words starting with flat

  • flat-share — the state of living in a flat where each occupant shares the facilities and expenses
  • flat-water — pertaining to or moving over a calm, level, or slow-flowing water channel.
  • flat-woven — (of a carpet) woven without pile
  • flatfooted — having flatfeet.
  • flatlander — a region that lacks appreciable topographic relief.

11 letter words starting with flat

  • flat-footed — having flatfeet.
  • flat-packed — (of a piece of furniture, equipment, or other construction) supplied in pieces packed into a flat box for assembly by the buyer
  • flat-rolled — (of steel or other metal) rolled into flat sheets, strips, etc.
  • flatlanders — Plural form of flatlander.
  • flatterable — to try to please by complimentary remarks or attention.

12 letter words starting with flat

  • flat-chested — If you describe a woman as flat-chested, you mean that she has small breasts.
  • flat-earther — a person who adheres to the idea that the earth is flat.
  • flat-grained — (of sawed lumber) having the annual rings at an angle of less than 45° with the broader surfaces.
  • flat-hunting — the activity of looking for a flat in which to live
  • flatteringly — In a flattering manner.

13 letter words starting with flat

  • flat-bottomed — (of boats) having a flat bottom.
  • flat-bottomed rail — a rail having a cross section like an inverted T, with the top extremity enlarged slightly to form the head

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