Words starting with fis

3 letter words starting with fis

  • fis — Family Income Supplement

4 letter words starting with fis

  • fisc — a royal or state treasury; exchequer.
  • fise — A breaking wind.
  • fish — (loosely) any of various other aquatic animals.
  • fiskJames, 1834–72, U.S. financier and stock speculator.
  • fiss — (transitive, nonstandard) To split apart into multiple entities.

5 letter words starting with fis

  • fishy — like a fish in shape, smell, taste, or the like.
  • fiskeJohn (Edmund Fisk Green; John Fisk) 1842–1901, U.S. philosopher and historian.
  • fists — Plural form of fist.
  • fisty — Noted for it's fist-like quality.

6 letter words starting with fis

  • fiscal — of or relating to the public treasury or revenues: fiscal policies.
  • fished — Simple past tense and past participle of fish.
  • fisherAndrew, 1862–1928, Australian statesman, born in Scotland: prime minister 1908–09, 1910–13, 1914–15.
  • fishes — any of various cold-blooded, aquatic vertebrates, having gills, commonly fins, and typically an elongated body covered with scales.
  • fishie — (childish) diminutive of fish; alternative spelling of fishy.

7 letter words starting with fis

  • fiscals — Plural form of fiscal.
  • fischerEdwin, 1886–1960, Swiss pianist.
  • fishers — Plural form of fisher.
  • fishery — a place where fish are bred; fish hatchery.
  • fisheye — (in plasterwork) a surface defect having the form of a spot.

8 letter words starting with fis

  • fiscally — of or relating to the public treasury or revenues: fiscal policies.
  • fish-eye — a very small lens in a door that enables a person inside to see a visitor
  • fishable — that may be fished in: nonpolluted, fishable streams.
  • fishbait — Bait for fishing.
  • fishball — A Chinese food item made from pulverized fish shaped into a ball.

9 letter words starting with fis

  • fiscalist — someone who believes that fiscal policy is of paramount importance in economic regulation
  • fiscality — Fiscal policy or considerations.
  • fish-hook — a hook used in fishing.
  • fish-pole — a long tapered flexible pole, often in jointed sections, for use with a fishing line and, usually, a reel
  • fish-tail — to swerve or skid from side to side, as the rear end of a car.

10 letter words starting with fis

  • fishburger — A burger made with fish instead of beef.
  • fisherfolk — People who catch fish for a living.
  • fishfinger — an oblong piece of filleted or minced fish coated in breadcrumbs
  • fishmonger — a dealer in fish, especially for eating.
  • fishplates — Plural form of fishplate.

11 letter words starting with fis

  • fishability — The quality or degree of being fishable.
  • fisherwoman — a woman who fishes, whether for profit or pleasure.
  • fisherwomen — Plural form of fisherwoman.
  • fishetarian — (informal) pescetarian; one who eats no meat other than fish.
  • fishmongers — Plural form of fishmonger.

12 letter words starting with fis

13 letter words starting with fis

  • fission-track dating — the dating of samples of minerals by comparing the tracks in them by fission fragments of the uranium nuclei they contain, before and after irradiation by neutrons

14 letter words starting with fis

  • fissionability — capable of or possessing a nucleus or nuclei capable of undergoing fission: a fissionable nucleus; fissionable material.

15 letter words starting with fis

  • fischer-dieskau — Dietrich [dee-trik;; German dee-trikh] /ˈdi trɪk;; German ˈdi trɪx/ (Show IPA), 1925–2012, German baritone.
  • fissiparousness — The quality of being fissiparous.
  • fischer-tropsch process — a catalytic hydrogenation method to produce liquid hydrocarbon fuels from carbon monoxide.

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