Words starting with ferro

6 letter words starting with ferro

  • ferro- — indicating a property of iron or the presence of iron
  • ferrol — a seaport in NW Spain: naval arsenal and dockyard.

7 letter words starting with ferro

  • ferrous — of or containing iron, especially in the bivalent state.
  • ferrous oxide — a black powder, FeO, insoluble in water, soluble in acid.
  • ferrous sulfate — a bluish-green, crystalline, saline-tasting, water-soluble heptahydrated solid, FeSO 4 ⋅7H 2 O, used chiefly in the manufacture of other iron salts, in water purification, fertilizer, inks, pigments, tanning, photography, and in medicine in the treatment of anemia.
  • ferrous sulfide — a dark or black metallic crystalline compound, FeS, insoluble in water, soluble in acids, used in ceramics and to generate hydrogen sulfide.
  • ferrous sulphate — an iron salt with a saline taste, usually obtained as greenish crystals of the heptahydrate, which are converted to the white monohydrate above 100°C: used in inks, tanning, water purification, and in the treatment of anaemia. Formula: FeSO4

9 letter words starting with ferro

  • ferrocene — Also called dicyclopentadienyliron. an orange, crystalline, water-insoluble coordination compound, (C 5 H 5) 2 Fe, having a camphorlike odor: used chiefly as an antiknock agent for gasoline and as a catalyst. Compare metallocene.
  • ferrogram — a slide prepared to illustrate the suspended iron particles in the lubricant of a machine
  • ferrotype — to put a glossy surface on (a print) by pressing, while wet, on a metal sheet (ferrotype tin)

10 letter words starting with ferro

  • ferroalloy — an alloy of iron with some element other than carbon, used to introduce the element in the manufacture of steel.
  • ferrofluid — A fluid containing a magnetic suspension.
  • ferrograms — plural of Ferrogram
  • ferroniere — jewel, on a chain, worn on the forehead
  • ferrotypes — Plural form of ferrotype.

11 letter words starting with ferro

  • ferroalloys — Plural form of ferroalloy.
  • ferrocement — (of a boat hull) constructed of mortar troweled over a wire mesh that has been preshaped over a mold.
  • ferrocerium — an alloy of 65 percent misch metal and 35 percent iron, used in flints for cigarette lighters.
  • ferrocyanic — (inorganic chemistry) Of, pertaining to, or derived from a ferrocyanide.
  • ferrography — the analysis of iron in lubricants in order to assess the extent of wear in a machine

12 letter words starting with ferro

  • ferrocyanide — a salt of ferrocyanic acid, as potassium ferrocyanide, K 4 Fe(CN) 6 .
  • ferrofluidic — Of or pertaining to a ferrofluid.
  • ferrokinesis — (parapsychology) The ability to mentally manipulate iron and other metals.
  • ferroniobium — An important alloy of iron and niobium.
  • ferrosilicon — a ferroalloy containing up to 95 percent silicon.

13 letter words starting with ferro

  • ferroaluminum — a ferroalloy containing up to 80 percent aluminum.
  • ferrochromium — a ferroalloy containing up to 70 percent chromium.
  • ferroconcrete — reinforced concrete.
  • ferrocyanogen — a ferrocyanide radical
  • ferroelectric — pertaining to a substance that possesses spontaneous electric polarization such that the polarization can be reversed by an electric field.

14 letter words starting with ferro

  • ferroelectrics — Plural form of ferroelectric.
  • ferromagnesian — (of minerals and rocks) containing iron and magnesium.
  • ferromagnetism — noting or pertaining to a substance, as iron, that below a certain temperature, the Curie point, can possess magnetization in the absence of an external magnetic field; noting or pertaining to a substance in which the magnetic moments of the atoms are aligned.
  • ferromanganese — a ferroalloy containing up to 90 percent manganese.
  • ferrozirconium — a ferroalloy containing up to 40 percent zirconium.

15 letter words starting with ferro

  • ferroelasticity — (physics) A phenomenon, analogous to ferromagnetism and ferroelectricity, in which spontaneous strain arises within a material.
  • ferromolybdenum — a ferroalloy containing up to 60 percent molybdenum.

16 letter words starting with ferro

  • ferroelectricity — (physics) The electric polarization of a substance (spontaneous presence of a dipole moment) that is analagous to ferromagnetism.

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