5-letter words starting with fe

  • feard — (archaic) Simple past tense and past participle of fear.
  • feare — Obsolete spelling of fear.
  • fears — Plural form of fear.
  • feart — afraid
  • fease — to execute an action, condition or obligation
  • feast — any rich or abundant meal: The steak dinner was a feast.
  • feats — Plural form of feat.
  • feaze — to untwist (the end of a rope).
  • fecal — of, relating to, or being feces.
  • feces — waste matter discharged from the intestines through the anus; excrement.
  • fecit — he made (it); she made (it): formerly used on works of art after the name of the artist. Abbreviation: fe., fec.
  • fedex — to send or ship by Federal Express.
  • fedin — Konstantin Aleksandrovich [kuh n-stuhn-tyeen uh-lyi-ksahn-druh-vyich] /kən stʌnˈtyin ʌ lyɪˈksɑn drə vyɪtʃ/ (Show IPA), 1892–1977, Russian novelist and short-story writer.
  • fee's — a charge or payment for professional services: a doctor's fee.
  • feeds — Plural form of feed.
  • feels — Plural form of feel.
  • feely — Tending to feel things by physically touching them.
  • feens — Satan; the devil.
  • feese — (obsolete) The short run before a leap; a run-up.
  • feete — Plural form of foote.
  • feets — (dialect) Plural form of foot.
  • feeze — a state of vexation or worry.
  • feign — to represent fictitiously; put on an appearance of: to feign sickness.
  • feine — Obsolete form of feign.
  • feint — a movement made in order to deceive an adversary; an attack aimed at one place or point merely as a distraction from the real place or point of attack: military feints; the feints of a skilled fencer.
  • feist — Chiefly South Midland and Southern U.S. a small mongrel dog, especially one that is ill-tempered; cur; mutt.
  • feith — Obsolete spelling of faith.
  • felch — (intransitive) To suck semen out of a sexual partner's vagina or anus.
  • felid — any animal of the family Felidae, comprising the cats.
  • felis — a genus of mostly small cats, including the domestic cat, margay, puma, and ocelot, sharing with certain cats of related genera an inability to roar due to ossification of the hyoid bone in the larynx.
  • felix — (Paul) Felix (Edler von Münzberg) [poul fey-liks eyd-luh r fuh n mynts-berk] /paʊl ˈfeɪ lɪks ˈeɪd lər fən ˈmüntsˌbɛrk/ (Show IPA), 1863–1942, Austrian composer, conductor, and writer.
  • fella — fellow.
  • fells — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of fell.
  • felly — felloe.
  • felon — an acute and painful inflammation of the deeper tissues of a finger or toe, usually near the nail: a form of whitlow.
  • felts — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of felt.
  • felty — Of, pertaining to, or similar to felt.
  • femal — effeminate
  • femer — feminine.
  • femes — a woman or wife.
  • femic — of or relating to a group of rock-forming minerals in which iron and magnesium are essential components.
  • femme — a lesbian who is notably feminine in appearance.
  • femmy — Resembling or characteristic of a femme (a feminine lesbian).
  • femur — Anatomy. a bone in the human leg extending from the pelvis to the knee, that is the longest, largest, and strongest in the body; thighbone.
  • fence — a barrier enclosing or bordering a field, yard, etc., usually made of posts and wire or wood, used to prevent entrance, to confine, or to mark a boundary.
  • fends — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of fend.
  • fendy — thrifty, resourceful
  • fenks — the parts of the blubber of a whale which contain the oil
  • fenny — marshy.
  • feoff — to invest with a fief or fee; enfeoff.

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