Words starting with et

2 letter words starting with et

  • et — (obsolete) and.
  • et al. — et al. is used after a name or a list of names to indicate that other people are also involved. It is used especially when referring to books or articles which were written by more than two people.
  • et cetera — and the rest; and others; and so forth: used at the end of a list to indicate that other items of the same class or type should be considered or included
  • et seq. — et sequens

3 letter words starting with et

  • eta — The seventh letter of the Modern Greek alphabet, the eighth in Old Greek.
  • etb — End Transmission Block
  • etc — ExTendible Compiler
  • etd — estimated time of departure
  • etf — electronic transfer of funds

4 letter words starting with et

  • etch — Engrave (metal, glass, or stone ) by coating it with a protective layer, drawing on it with a needle, and then covering it with acid to attack the parts the needle has exposed, especially in order to produce prints from it.
  • eten — a giant
  • ethe — Plural form of ethos.
  • etic — Relating to or denoting an approach to the study or description of a particular language or culture that is general, nonstructural, and objective in its perspective.
  • etna — A kind of small, portable cooking apparatus for which heat is furnished by a spirit lamp.

5 letter words starting with et

  • etext — Alternative spelling of e-text.
  • ethal — (chemistry, dated) cetyl alcohol.
  • ethan — a masculine name
  • ethel — The letter Œ/œ, or the rune ᛟ.
  • ether — A pleasant-smelling, colorless, volatile liquid that is highly flammable. It is used as an anesthetic and as a solvent or intermediate in industrial processes.

6 letter words starting with et

  • etalon — A device consisting of two reflecting plates for producing interfering light beams.
  • etched — Cut or dug into the surface as by etching.
  • etcher — A person who etches.
  • etches — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of etch.
  • eterne — eternal

7 letter words starting with et

  • etacism — (grammar) The pronunciation of the Greek eta like the Italian long e, or the vowel in the English word 'ate'.
  • etaerio — (botany) An aggregate fruit of achenes, drupes, or follicles.
  • etagere — A piece of furniture with a number of open shelves for displaying ornaments.
  • etailer — An etailer is a person or company that sells products on the Internet.
  • etalons — Plural form of etalon.

8 letter words starting with et

  • etailing — Etailing is the business of selling products on the Internet.
  • etcetera — Alternative form of et cetera.
  • etchings — Plural form of etching.
  • eteocles — a son of Oedipus and Jocasta. He expelled his brother Polynices from Thebes; they killed each other in single combat when Polynices returned as leader of the Seven against Thebes
  • eternall — Obsolete spelling of eternal.

9 letter words starting with et

  • etceteras — Plural form of etcetera.
  • eternally — In a way that continues or lasts forever; permanently.
  • eternized — (obsolete) Immortalized.
  • ethanoate — (organic compound) The acetate anion [C2H3O2]\u2212, a carboxylate and the conjugate base of ethanoic acid (acetic acid).
  • ethelbert — Saint. ?552–616 ad, king of Kent (560–616): converted to Christianity by St Augustine; issued the earliest known code of English laws. Feast day: Feb 24 or 25

10 letter words starting with et

  • etanercept — A drug that treats autoimmune diseases by interfering with the TNF receptor (part of the immune system).
  • eternalism — (philosophy) The view that time resembles space and thus past and future events are in some sense coexistent.
  • eternalist — a person who believes in the eternal existence of matter or the world
  • eternality — The condition of being eternal; endlessness.
  • eternalize — (transitive) To make eternal; to immortalize.

11 letter words starting with et

  • eternalized — Simple past tense and past participle of eternalize.
  • eternalizes — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of eternalize.
  • eternalness — Eternity.
  • ethanedioic — designating a type of acid
  • ethanethiol — (chemistry) a thiol formally derived from ethanol by replacing the oxygen atom with sulfur.

12 letter words starting with et

  • etepimeletic — (of behaviour in young animals) care-seeking
  • eternization — The act of eternizing; the act of rendering immortal or famous.
  • ethanolamine — (chemistry) a hydroxy-amine, HO.CH2.CH2.NH2, manufactured by the reaction of ethylene oxide with ammonia; it is found naturally in a combined form in cephalin, and has many industrial applications.
  • etheostomine — relating to small freshwater fish in the genus Etheostoma
  • etherealized — Simple past tense and past participle of etherealize.

13 letter words starting with et

  • ethanoylation — Acetylation.
  • ethchlorvynol — A sedative and hypnotic drug used to treat insomnia.
  • etherealizing — Present participle of etherealize.
  • ethnobotanist — A scholar or researcher in the field of ethnobotany.
  • ethnocentrism — The tendency to look at the world primarily from the perspective of one's own traditional, deferred, or adoptive ethnic culture.

14 letter words starting with et

15 letter words starting with et

16 letter words starting with et

  • ethinylestradiol — A derivative of 17\u03b2-estradiol, the major endogenous estrogen in humans, used in oral contraceptives.
  • ethnocentrically — In an ethnocentric way.
  • ethnographically — Regarding the ethnography (of a region).
  • ethnolinguistics — The field of linguistic anthropology which studies the language of a specific ethnic group.
  • ethnomethodology — A method of sociological analysis that examines how individuals use everyday conversation and gestures to construct a common-sense view of the world.

17 letter words starting with et

  • ethinyloestradiol — Alternative form of ethinylestradiol.
  • ethnomusicologist — A researcher in the field of ethnomusicology.
  • ethnopharmacology — The scientific study correlating ethnic groups, their health, and how it relates to their physical habits and methodology in creating and using medicines.
  • ethylmethylketone — (organic compound) The industrial solvent butanone.

18 letter words starting with et

24 letter words starting with et

26 letter words starting with et

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