Words starting with ent

3 letter words starting with ent

  • ent — (fantasy) A fictional large talking tree.

4 letter words starting with ent

5 letter words starting with ent

  • enter — Come or go into (a place).
  • ento- — inside; within
  • entre — Archaic spelling of enter.
  • entry — An act of going or coming in.
  • enter into — become involved

6 letter words starting with ent

  • entail — A settlement of the inheritance of property over a number of generations so that it remains within a family or other group.
  • entame — to make tame
  • entend — Obsolete form of intend.
  • entent — Obsolete form of intent.
  • enters — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of enter.

7 letter words starting with ent

  • entails — Plural form of entail.
  • entases — Plural form of entasis.
  • entasia — (medicine) tonic spasm; any disease characterized by tonic spasms, such as tetanus or trismus.
  • entasis — A slight convex curve in the shaft of a column, introduced to correct the visual illusion of concavity produced by a straight shaft.
  • entebbe — a town in S Uganda, on Lake Victoria: British administrative centre of Uganda (1893–1958); international airport. Pop: 57 518 (2002 est)

8 letter words starting with ent

  • entailed — Simple past tense and past participle of entail.
  • entameba — any of a genus (Entamoeba) of amoebas parasitic in vertebrates, esp. a species (E. histolytica) causing amoebic dysentery
  • entangle — Cause to become twisted together with or caught in.
  • entastic — characterized by spasms
  • entellus — A small Asian monkey, Presbytis entellus, having bristly hairs on the crown and the sides of the face.

9 letter words starting with ent

  • entailing — Involve (something) as a necessary or inevitable part or consequence.
  • entamoeba — any parasitic amoeba of the genus Entamoeba (or Endamoeba), esp E. histolytica, which lives in the intestines of humans and causes amoebic dysentery
  • entangled — Simple past tense and past participle of entangle.
  • entangler — That which entangles or causes entanglement.
  • entangles — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of entangle.

10 letter words starting with ent

  • entailment — The act of entailing, the state of being entailed, or something that is entailed.
  • entangling — Present participle of entangle.
  • enteralgia — Pain in the intestines.
  • enterdeale — to have dealings with (someone)
  • enterocele — (pathology) An intestinal hernia.

11 letter words starting with ent

  • entablature — A horizontal, continuous lintel on a classical building supported by columns or a wall, comprising the architrave, frieze, and cornice.
  • entablement — A platform supporting a statue, above the dado and base.
  • entailments — Plural form of entailment.
  • entelligent — Obsolete form of intelligent.
  • enterectomy — surgical excision of part of the intestine

12 letter words starting with ent

  • entablatures — Plural form of entablature.
  • entanglement — The action or fact of entangling or being entangled.
  • enterobacter — Any bacterium of the genus Enterobacter.
  • enterobiasis — a disease, common in children, caused by infestation of the large intestine with nematodes of the genus Enterobius, esp the pinworm (E. vermicularis)
  • enteroclysis — A fluoroscopic X-ray of the small intestine.

13 letter words starting with ent

  • entanglements — Plural form of entanglement.
  • enterocolitis — Inflammation of both the small intestine and the colon.
  • enterohepatic — Relating to or denoting the circulation of bile salts and other secretions from the liver to the intestine, where they are reabsorbed into the blood and returned to the liver.
  • enteropathies — Plural form of enteropathy.
  • enterotoxemia — Blood poisoning caused by an enterotoxin.

14 letter words starting with ent

  • enteric-coated — An enteric-coated tablet is one that is designed to temporarily withstand attack by stomach acid, so that it does not dissolve in the stomach but allows release of the medication in the intestine.
  • enterobacteria — (microbiology) Plural form of enterobacterium.
  • enterocentesis — a procedure that involves puncturing the intestine to withdraw fluid or gas
  • enterogastrone — a hormone liberated by the upper intestinal mucosa when stimulated by fat: reduces peristalsis and secretion in the stomach
  • enteropneustal — relating to enteropneusts

15 letter words starting with ent

16 letter words starting with ent

17 letter words starting with ent

18 letter words starting with ent

19 letter words starting with ent

  • entity-relationship diagram — entity-relationship model
  • entity-relationship model — (database, specification)   An approach to data modelling proposed by P. Chen in 1976. The model says that you divide your database in two logical parts, entities (e.g. "customer", "product") and relations ("buys", "pays for"). One of the first activities in specifying an application is defining the entities involved and their relationships, e.g. using an entity-relationship diagram to represent a model.

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