Words starting with cy

2 letter words starting with cy

  • cy — Cyprus (international car registration)
  • cy pres — the doctrine that the intention of a donor or testator should be carried out as closely as practicable when literal compliance is impossible

3 letter words starting with cy

  • cya — CYA is the written abbreviation for 'see you', mainly used in text messages and e-mails.
  • cyc — cyclopedia
  • cyd — a female given name.
  • cyf — Child, Youth, and Family: a section of the Ministry of Social Development
  • cyl — cylinder

4 letter words starting with cy

  • cyan — a highly saturated green-blue that is the complementary colour of red and forms, with magenta and yellow, a set of primary colours
  • cycl — A frame language.
  • cyke — cyclorama (def 2).
  • cyle — Alternative form of sile.
  • cyma — either of two mouldings having a double curve, part concave and part convex. Cyma recta has the convex part nearer the wall and cyma reversa has the concave part nearer the wall

5 letter words starting with cy

  • cyan- — cyano-
  • cyano — containing the cyano group.
  • cyber — Of, relating to, or characteristic of the culture of computers, information technology, and virtual reality.
  • cybil — Control Data's system programming language in the 80's. Major parts of CDC systems written in this.
  • cycad — any tropical or subtropical gymnosperm plant of the phylum Cycadophyta, having an unbranched stem with fernlike leaves crowded at the top

6 letter words starting with cy

  • cyanic — of or containing cyanogen
  • cyanin — Alternative form of cyanine.
  • cyano- — blue or dark blue
  • cybele — the Phrygian goddess of nature, mother of all living things and consort of Attis; identified with the Greek Rhea or Demeter
  • cyber- — indicating computers

7 letter words starting with cy

  • cyanate — any salt or ester of cyanic acid, containing the ion –OCN or the group –OCN
  • cyanide — Cyanide is a highly poisonous substance.
  • cyanine — a blue dye used to extend the sensitivity of photographic emulsions to colours other than blue and ultraviolet
  • cyanite — kyanite
  • cyanize — to turn into cyanide

8 letter words starting with cy

  • cy486slc — A version of the Intel 486 made by Cyrix. It has a 486SX instruction set, a 1 kilobyte cache, and an Intel 80386SX-compatible pinout and thus, 16-bit data bus.
  • cyanates — Plural form of cyanate.
  • cyaneous — deep blue; cerulean.
  • cyanides — Plural form of cyanide.
  • cyanidin — (organic compound) A anthocyanidin pigment, 2-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl) chromenylium-3,5,7-triol, found in many red berries.

9 letter words starting with cy

  • cyanamide — a white or colourless crystalline soluble weak dibasic acid, which can be hydrolysed to urea. Formula: H2NCN
  • cyanotype — a process of photographic printing, used chiefly in copying architectural and mechanical drawings, that produces a blue line on a white background.
  • cyanurate — a salt or ester derived from cyanide
  • cyberbook — (science fiction) A digital or electronic equivalent of a book.
  • cybercafe — A cybercafé is a café where people can pay to use the Internet.

10 letter words starting with cy

  • cyanogenic — having the capability to generate or produce cyanide
  • cyanometer — an instrument used for measuring the blueness of the sky
  • cyanopathy — (medicine) A disease in which the surface of the body turns blue, usually arising from a malformation of the heart, which causes an imperfect arterialization of the blood.
  • cyanophyta — a phylum, or subkingdom, in the kingdom Monera, comprising the blue-green algae.
  • cyanophyte — a former name for a cyanobacterium

11 letter words starting with cy

  • cyanidation — (metallurgy) The extraction of gold or silver from their ores using the cyanide process.
  • cyanohydrin — any of a class of organic compounds containing a cyanide group and a hydroxyl group bound to the same carbon atom
  • cyberattack — an attempt to damage or disrupt a computer system, or obtain information stored on a computer system, by means of hacking
  • cyberethics — Ethics in cyberspace.
  • cyberfriend — A friend with whom one communicates only through the Internet or cyberspace.

12 letter words starting with cy

  • cyanogenesis — the release by certain plants, such as cherry laurel, of hydrogen cyanide, esp after wounding or invasion by pathogens
  • cyanogenetic — having the capability to generate or produce cyanide
  • cyanohydrins — Plural form of cyanohydrin.
  • cyberathlete — a professional player of computer games
  • cyberattacks — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of cyberattack.

13 letter words starting with cy

  • cyanoacrylate — a substance with an acrylate base, usually sold in the form of a quick-setting highly adhesive glue
  • cyanobacteria — a group of photosynthetic bacteria (phylum Cyanobacteria) containing a blue photosynthetic pigment
  • cyanoethylate — to introduce a cyano-ethyl group into
  • cyberactivism — Activism facilitated by the Internet.
  • cyberbullying — Cyberbullying is the use of the Internet to frighten or upset someone, usually by sending them unpleasant messages.

14 letter words starting with cy

  • cyanoacetylene — a nitrile compound known to exist in interstellar clouds
  • cyanobacterium — (biology) Any of very many photosynthetic prokaryotic microorganisms, of phylum Cyanobacteria, once known as blue-green algae.
  • cyanocobalamin — a complex red crystalline compound, containing cyanide and cobalt and occurring in liver: lack of it in the tissues leads to pernicious anaemia. Formula: C63H88O14N14PCo
  • cyanoguanidine — dicyandiamide.
  • cyanoplatinite — platinocyanide.

15 letter words starting with cy

  • cyanoethylation — the act of introducing a cyano-ethyl group into a compound
  • cyber-squatting — (jargon, networking)   The practice of registering famous brand names as Internet domain names, e.g. harrods.com, ibm.firm or sears.shop, in the hope of later selling them to the appropriate owner at a profit.
  • cybertechnology — Computer technology, especially that which involves the Internet or cyberspace.
  • cyclobenzaprine — A particular antidepressant generally prescribed as an analgesic and muscle relaxant.
  • cyclohexylamine — a highly toxic and hazardous organic chemical derived from cyclohexane

16 letter words starting with cy

17 letter words starting with cy

18 letter words starting with cy

19 letter words starting with cy

29 letter words starting with cy

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