Words starting with cor

3 letter words starting with cor

  • cor — You can say cor when you are surprised or impressed.
  • cor anglais — a woodwind instrument, the alto of the oboe family. It is a transposing instrument in F. Range: two and a half octaves upwards from E on the third space of the bass staff
  • cor blimey — an exclamation of surprise or annoyance
  • cor pulmonale — pulmonary heart disease: a serious heart condition in which there is enlargement and failure of the right ventricle resulting from lung disease

4 letter words starting with cor

  • cor- — com-
  • cora — a feminine name
  • corb — A basket used in coal mines, etc.; a corf.
  • corc — CORnell Compiler. Simple language for student math problems.
  • cord — Cord is strong, thick string.

5 letter words starting with cor

  • coral — Coral is a hard substance formed from the bones of very small sea animals. It is often used to make jewellery.
  • coram — before; in the presence of
  • corba — Common Object Request Broker Architecture
  • corby — a town in central England, in N Northamptonshire: designated a new town in 1950. Pop: 49 222 (2001)
  • cords — trousers, esp jeans, made of corduroy

6 letter words starting with cor

  • coraji — boyla.
  • corals — Plural form of coral.
  • corant — A coranto (kind of dance).
  • corban — a gift to God
  • corbel — a bracket, usually of stone or brick

7 letter words starting with cor

  • coracle — In former times, a coracle was a simple round rowing boat made of woven sticks covered with animal skins.
  • corally — Having the shape or form of coral.
  • coranto — courante
  • corazon — the heart.
  • corbans — Plural form of corban.

8 letter words starting with cor

  • coracles — Plural form of coracle.
  • coracoid — a paired ventral bone of the pectoral girdle in vertebrates. In mammals it is reduced to a peg (the coracoid process) on the scapula
  • coraggio — an exhortation for a person to be brave
  • corallum — the skeleton of any zoophyte, esp that of a coral colony
  • coramine — a drug, C10H14N2O, which is a circulatory stimulant and is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency, hence preventing its use by athletes

9 letter words starting with cor

  • coralline — of, relating to, or resembling coral
  • corallite — the skeleton of a coral polyp
  • coralloid — of or resembling coral
  • coralroot — any N temperate leafless orchid of the genus Corallorhiza, with small yellow-green or purple flowers and branched roots resembling coral
  • coralwort — any of various leafless orchids of the genus Corallorhiza

10 letter words starting with cor

  • coradicate — (of multiple words) derived from the same root
  • coralbells — a perennial herb of the western US, Heuchera sanguinea, with red flowers that are shaped like bells
  • coralberry — a small shrub, Symphoricarpos orbiculatus, that is native to North America and is cultivated for its berries
  • corallines — Plural form of coralline.
  • coralroots — Plural form of coralroot.

11 letter words starting with cor

  • coraciiform — of, relating to, or belonging to the Coraciiformes, an order of birds including the kingfishers, bee-eaters, hoopoes, and hornbills
  • coralliform — resembling coral in shape
  • coralloidal — coralloid
  • corbiculate — having corbiculae or pollen baskets
  • corbie-step — any of a set of steps on the top of a gable

12 letter words starting with cor

13 letter words starting with cor

  • coralliferous — bearing or containing coral
  • coralligenous — producing coral
  • cordocentesis — the extraction of a sample of blood from the umbilical cord during pregnancy
  • coreferential — (of more than one linguistic expression) designating the same individual or class
  • coreligionist — an adherent of the same religion as another

14 letter words starting with cor

15 letter words starting with cor

16 letter words starting with cor

17 letter words starting with cor

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