Words starting with cn

2 letter words starting with cn

  • cn — China

3 letter words starting with cn

  • cna — Central News Agency, a national stationery chain
  • cnc — CNC is a way of controlling how machine tools operate using a computer.
  • cnd — Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
  • cng — compressed natural gas
  • cni — Coalition for Networked Information

4 letter words starting with cn

  • cnaa — the Council for National Academic Awards: a former degree-awarding body separate from the universities
  • cnar — compound net annual rate
  • cnet — (body)   Centre national d'Etudes des Telecommunications. The French national telecommunications research centre at Lannion.
  • cnri — Corporation for National Research Initiatives
  • cnut — a.d. 994?–1035, Danish king of England 1017–35; of Denmark 1018–35; and of Norway 1028–35.

5 letter words starting with cn

  • cname — (networking)   The canonical name query type for Domain Name System. This query asks a DNS server for a host's official hostname.
  • cnida — a nematocyst

6 letter words starting with cn

  • cnemis — the shin or tibia
  • cnidae — a nematocyst.
  • cnidus — an ancient Greek city in SW Asia Minor: famous for its school of medicine

7 letter words starting with cn

8 letter words starting with cn

  • cnidaria — an alternative name for the invertebrate phylum Coelenterata, giving emphasis to the stinging structures as characteristic of the phylum.
  • cnidocil — a hairlike sensory process projecting from the surface of a cnidoblast, believed to trigger the discharge of the nematocyst.

9 letter words starting with cn

  • cnidarian — any invertebrate of the phylum Cnidaria, which comprises the coelenterates
  • cnidocils — Plural form of cnidocil.
  • cnidocyst — a nematocyst.

10 letter words starting with cn

11 letter words starting with cn

  • cnidoblasts — the cell within which a nematocyst is developed.
  • cnidogenous — producing or containing nematocysts.

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