Words starting with clau

6 letter words starting with clau

  • claude — Albert. 1898–1983, US cell biologist, born in Belgium: shared the Nobel prize for physiology or medicine (1974) for work on microsomes and mitochondria
  • clause — A clause is a section of a legal document.
  • claude lorrain — real name Claude Gelée. 1600–82, French painter, esp of idealized landscapes, noted for his subtle depiction of light
  • claude monetClaude [klawd;; French klohd] /klɔd;; French kloʊd/ (Show IPA), 1840–1926, French painter.

7 letter words starting with clau

  • claucht — to seize by force
  • claudel — Paul (Louis Charles Marie) (pɔl). 1868–1955, French dramatist, poet, and diplomat, whose works testify to his commitment to the Roman Catholic faith. His plays include L'Annonce faite à Marie (1912) and Le Soulier de satin (1919–24)
  • claudia — a feminine name
  • claught — a simple past tense of cleek.
  • clausal — of or constituting a clause

8 letter words starting with clau

  • claudine — a female given name, form of Claudia.
  • claudius — full name Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero Germanicus. 10 bc–54 ad, Roman emperor (41–54); invaded Britain (43); poisoned by his fourth wife, Agrippina
  • clausing — (shipping) present participle of clause.
  • clausius — Rudolf Julius (ˈruːdɔlf ˈjuːliʊs). 1822–88, German physicist and mathematician. He enunciated the second law of thermodynamics (1850) and developed the kinetic theory of gases
  • claustra — barrier.

9 letter words starting with clau

  • claudette — a female given name, form of Claudia.
  • claustral — of or related to a cloister
  • claustrum — a thin layer of grey matter in the brain
  • clausular — relating to a clause

10 letter words starting with clau

  • claudicant — (medicine) limping.
  • clausewitz — Karl von (karl fɔn). 1780–1831, Prussian general, noted for his works on military strategy, esp Vom Kriege (1833)

12 letter words starting with clau

  • claudication — limping; lameness
  • clausthalite — a rare mineral, lead selenide, PbSe, occurring in grayish, granular crystals that have a metallic luster.
  • claustration — the act of confining to a small space (usually a cloister)

13 letter words starting with clau

14 letter words starting with clau

  • claustrophilia — abnormal pleasure derived from being in a confined space
  • claustrophobes — Plural form of claustrophobe.
  • claustrophobia — Someone who suffers from claustrophobia feels very uncomfortable or anxious when they are in small or enclosed places.
  • claustrophobic — You describe a place or situation as claustrophobic when it makes you feel uncomfortable and unhappy because you are enclosed or restricted.

15 letter words starting with clau

18 letter words starting with clau

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