Words starting with citi

5 letter words starting with citi

  • citie — Archaic spelling of city.

6 letter words starting with citi

  • citied — having cities
  • cities — Plural form of city.
  • citify — to cause to conform to or adopt the customs, habits, or dress of city people
  • citing — to quote (a passage, book, author, etc.), especially as an authority: He cited the Constitution in his defense.

7 letter words starting with citi

  • citizen — Someone who is a citizen of a particular country is legally accepted as belonging to that country.
  • citizen genet — Edmond Charles Edouard [ed-mawn sharl ey-dwar] /ɛdˈmɔ̃ ʃarl eɪˈdwar/ (Show IPA), ("Citizen Genêt") 1763–1834, French minister to the U.S. in 1793.
  • citizen journalism — the involvement of non-professionals in reporting news, esp in blogs and other websites
  • citizen kane — an American film (1941), directed by and starring Orson Welles.
  • citizen science — scientific research, data collection, etc., that involves the participation of nonscientists (often used attributively): Bird watchers report their bird observations to citizen-science projects.

8 letter words starting with citi

  • citicism — The manners of a cit or citizen.
  • citified — having the customs, manners, or dress of city people
  • citizens — a native or naturalized member of a state or nation who owes allegiance to its government and is entitled to its protection (distinguished from alien).
  • citizens band — a two-way radio service (Citizens Radio Service) licensed by the FCC to a U.S. citizen for short-distance personal or business communications between fixed or mobile stations. Abbreviation: CB.

9 letter words starting with citi

  • citigrade — relating to (fast-moving) wolf spiders
  • citizenly — Pertaining to citizens.
  • citizenry — The people living in a country, state, or city can be referred to as the citizenry.
  • citizen's arrest — If someone makes a citizen's arrest, they catch someone who they believe has committed a crime and inform the police.
  • citizen's charter — (formerly, in Britain) a government document setting out standards of service for public and private sector bodies, such as schools, hospitals, railway companies, water and energy suppliers, etc

10 letter words starting with citi

11 letter words starting with citi

  • citizenhood — The state of being a citizen.
  • citizenries — Plural form of citizenry.
  • citizenship — If you have citizenship of a country, you are legally accepted as belonging to it.
  • citizenship papers — the document stating that a naturalized person has been formally declared a citizen

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