Words starting with chur

4 letter words starting with chur

  • chur — an informal expression of agreement

5 letter words starting with chur

  • churl — a surly ill-bred person
  • churn — A churn is a container which is used for making butter.
  • churr — a low, trilled or whirring sound made by some birds or insects
  • churn drill — a portable drill rig using a bit fashioned on a massive steel cylinder that is alternately lifted and dropped to drill a hole in earth and rock.
  • churn molding — a molding decorated with chevrons.

6 letter words starting with chur

  • church — A church is a building in which Christians worship. You usually refer to this place as church when you are talking about the time that people spend there.
  • churls — Plural form of churl.
  • churly — (archaic) rude; churlish; violent.
  • churns — Plural form of churn.
  • churro — (in Spain and Latin America) a sweet, baton-shaped snack of fried dough

7 letter words starting with chur

  • churban — the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, first by the Babylonians in 587 bc and again by the Romans in 70 ad
  • churchy — like a church, church service, etc
  • churned — a container or machine in which cream or milk is agitated to make butter.
  • churner — a container or machine in which cream or milk is agitated to make butter.
  • churred — Simple past tense and past participle of churr.

8 letter words starting with chur

  • churched — formally presented or taught at church.
  • churches — Plural form of church.
  • churchly — appropriate to, associated with, or suggestive of church life and customs
  • churinga — a sacred amulet of the native Australians
  • churlish — Someone who is churlish is unfriendly, bad-tempered, or impolite.

9 letter words starting with chur

  • churchill — a river in E Canada, rising in SE Labrador and flowing north and southeast over Churchill Falls, then east to the Atlantic. Length: about 1000 km (600 miles)
  • churching — the act of bringing someone, esp a woman after childbirth, to church for special ceremonies
  • churchism — adherence to the principles of an established church
  • churchman — A churchman is the same as a clergyman.
  • churchmen — Plural form of churchman.

10 letter words starting with chur

  • churchgoer — A churchgoer is a person who goes to church regularly.
  • churchless — (of a person) not belonging to a church
  • churchlike — resembling or appropriate to a church: churchlike silence.
  • churchward — in the direction of the church
  • churchyard — A churchyard is an area of land around a church where dead people are buried.

11 letter words starting with chur

  • churchgoers — a person who goes to church, especially habitually.
  • churchgoing — a person who goes to church, especially habitually.
  • churchwards — in the direction of the church
  • churchwoman — a female practising member of a church
  • churchwomen — Plural form of churchwoman.

12 letter words starting with chur

  • churchianity — loyalty to the church rather than Christianity
  • churchillian — relating to, typical of or reminiscent of Winston Churchill
  • churchpeople — people belonging to a church
  • churchperson — A person involved with the church; a churchgoer or cleric.
  • churchwarden — In the Anglican Church, a churchwarden is the person who has been chosen by a congregation to help the vicar of a parish with administration and other duties.

13 letter words starting with chur

  • churchmanship — The craft or skill of being a churchman. (from 17th c.).
  • churchpersons — Plural form of churchperson.
  • churchwardens — Plural form of churchwarden.
  • church-rosser theorem — (theory)   A property of a reduction system that states that if an expression can be reduced by zero or more reduction steps to either expression M or expression N then there exists some other expression to which both M and N can be reduced. This implies that there is a unique normal form for any expression since M and N cannot be different normal forms because the theorem says they can be reduced to some other expression and normal forms are irreducible by definition. It does not imply that a normal form is reachable, only that if reduction terminates it will reach a unique normal form.

15 letter words starting with chur

  • church-calendar — a calendar based on the lunisolar cycle, used by many Christian churches in determining the dates for the movable feasts.
  • churrigueresque — of or relating to a style of baroque architecture of Spain in the late 17th and early 18th centuries

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