Words starting with chroous

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  • chroot — (operating system)   The UNIX command to make the root directory (/) become something other than its default for the lifetime of the current process. It can only be run by privileged users and is used to give a process (commonly a network server such as FTP or HTTP) access to a restricted portion of the file system. The new root contains copies of all the essential files and directories, e.g. /lib, /dev/tty, /tmp.
  • chrononaut — (science fiction, dated) A time-traveller.
  • chrome red — any red pigment used in paints, consisting of a mixture of lead chromate and lead oxide; basic lead chromate
  • chronons — Plural form of chronon.
  • chrome steel — any of various hard rust-resistant steels containing chromium
  • chrononym — (semiotics) A term for a specific period of time, such as
  • chrome tape — magnetic recording tape coated with chrome dioxide
  • chronoscopes — Plural form of chronoscope.
  • chrome yellow — any yellow pigment consisting of lead chromate mixed with lead sulphate