Words starting with christmasclub

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Maybe these words will be useful:
  • christmas bush — any of various trees or shrubs flowering at Christmas and used for decoration
  • christmas cake — A Christmas cake is a special cake that is eaten at Christmas in Britain and some other countries.
  • christmas day — Christmas Day is the 25th of December, when Christmas is celebrated.
  • christmas decorations — decorations of different kinds appropriate to Christmas, such as tinsel, candles, images of angels, etc.
  • christmas dinner — the main meal on Christmas day, eaten any time in the afternoon or evening
  • christmas hamper — a collection of seasonal delicacies, often housed in a wicker hamper, which people or organizations give as Christmas presents
  • christmas lights — strings of lights put up in the Christmas period to decorate houses
  • christmas party — a party organized before Christmas, usually by a firm or organization
  • christmas present — a present given at Christmas time, typically on Christmas Day
  • christmas shopping — shopping especially for Christmas presents, but also for Christmas food and drink, and all the other things required over the Christmas period.