Words starting with chon

4 letter words starting with chon

  • chon — a North and South Korean monetary unit worth one hundredth of a won

6 letter words starting with chon

  • chonju — a city in SW South Korea: centre of large rice-growing region. Pop: 643 000 (2005 est)

7 letter words starting with chon

  • chongju — a city in central South Korea.

8 letter words starting with chon

  • chondral — of or relating to cartilage
  • chondria — a profusely branched red alga, Chondria tenuissima, of the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of North America.
  • chondrin — a resilient translucent bluish-white substance that forms the matrix of cartilage
  • chondro- — indicating cartilage
  • chondrus — a protoctist genus that belongs to the family Gigartinaceae

9 letter words starting with chon

  • chondrify — to become or convert into cartilage
  • chondrite — a stony meteorite consisting mainly of silicate minerals in the form of chondrules
  • chondroid — cartilaginous or similar to cartilage
  • chondroma — a benign cartilaginous growth or neoplasm
  • chondrule — one of the small spherical masses of mainly silicate minerals present in chondrites

10 letter words starting with chon

11 letter words starting with chon

  • chondrified — Simple past tense and past participle of chondrify.
  • chondrocyte — A cell that makes up the tissue of cartilage.
  • chondroitin — an element that is present in cartilage

12 letter words starting with chon

  • chondriosome — mitochondrion
  • chondroblast — a type of cell that develops into a chondrocyte or cartilage cell
  • chondrophore — a medusoid hydrozoan that resembles a jellyfish
  • chondrostian — relating to the class Chondrostei of fish with fin rays

13 letter words starting with chon

14 letter words starting with chon

  • chondrichthian — any member of the class Chondrichthyes, comprising the cartilaginous fishes.
  • chondrocranium — the cartilaginous structure that, in early development, envelops the brain
  • chondrogenesis — the growth of cartilage
  • chondromalacia — degeneration of cartilage in the knee, usually caused by excessive wear between the patella and lower end of the femur.
  • chondromatosis — a painful and immobilizing condition that affects the joints, in particular the elbow, hip, and knee joints, and results in the synovial tissue becoming cartilaginous

15 letter words starting with chon

16 letter words starting with chon

  • chondrodysplasia — (medicine) A genetic disorder characterized by short-limbed dwarfism.

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