Words starting with chok

5 letter words starting with chok

  • choke — When you choke or when something chokes you, you cannot breathe properly or get enough air into your lungs.
  • choko — the cucumber-like fruit of a tropical American cucurbitaceous vine, Sechium edule: eaten as a vegetable in the Caribbean, Australia, and New Zealand
  • choky — involving, caused by, or causing choking
  • choke back — If you choke back tears or a strong emotion, you force yourself not to show your emotion.
  • choke chain — a collar and lead for a dog so designed that if the dog drags on the lead the collar tightens round its neck

6 letter words starting with chok

  • choked — If you say something in a choked voice or if your voice is choked with emotion, your voice does not have its full sound, because you are upset or frightened.
  • choker — A choker is a necklace or band of material that fits very closely round a woman's neck.
  • chokes — the act or sound of choking.
  • chokey — (dated, British) prison.
  • chokra — a young male

7 letter words starting with chok

  • chokers — Plural form of choker.
  • choking — causing breathing difficulties; suffocating

8 letter words starting with chok

  • chokidar — (in India) a warden, custodian, or gatekeeper

9 letter words starting with chok

  • chokeable — to stop the breath of by squeezing or obstructing the windpipe; strangle; stifle.
  • chokebore — a shotgun bore that becomes narrower towards the muzzle so that the shot is not scattered
  • chokecoil — a type of electronic inductor
  • chokedamp — blackdamp
  • chokehold — the act of holding a person's neck across the windpipe, esp from behind using one arm

10 letter words starting with chok

  • choke-full — chock-full.
  • choke-hold — a restraining hold in which one person encircles the neck of another in a viselike grip with the arm, usually approaching from behind: The suspect was put in a chokehold and was gasping for breath.
  • chokeberry — any of various North American rosaceous shrubs of the genus Aronia
  • chokeholds — Plural form of chokehold.
  • chokepoint — a place of greatest congestion and often hazard; bottleneck.

11 letter words starting with chok

  • chokecherry — any of several North American species of cherry, esp Prunus virginiana, having very astringent dark red or black fruit
  • chokepoints — Plural form of chokepoint.

12 letter words starting with chok

13 letter words starting with chok

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