Words starting with chlori

7 letter words starting with chlori

  • chloric — of or containing chlorine in the pentavalent state
  • chlorid — Archaic form of chloride.
  • chlorin — (organic compound) A large heterocyclic aromatic ring consisting, at the core, of three pyrroles and one pyrroline coupled through four methine linkages.
  • chloric acid — a strong acid with a pungent smell, known only in solution and in the form of chlorate salts. Formula: HClO3

8 letter words starting with chlori

  • chloride — Chloride is a chemical compound of chlorine and another substance.
  • chlorine — Chlorine is a strong-smelling gas that is used to clean water and to make cleaning products.
  • chlorite — any of a group of green soft secondary minerals consisting of the hydrated silicates of aluminium, iron, and magnesium in monoclinic crystalline form: common in metamorphic rocks
  • chloride of lime — a white powder with the approximate formula CaOCl2, obtained by treating slaked lime with chlorine and used for disinfecting and bleaching
  • chloride paper — a relatively slow printing paper coated with an emulsion of silver chloride: used mostly for contact prints.

9 letter words starting with chlori

  • chlorides — Plural form of chloride.
  • chlorites — Plural form of chlorite.
  • chloritic — a group of minerals, hydrous silicates of aluminum, ferrous iron, and magnesium, occurring in green platelike crystals or scales.

10 letter words starting with chlori

  • chloridate — to expose to or prepare with a chloride
  • chloridise — to change into chloride
  • chloridize — to change into a chloride
  • chlorinate — to combine or treat (a substance) with chlorine
  • chlorinity — the amount of chlorine present in water, esp sea-water

11 letter words starting with chlori

  • chlorimeter — a device used to determine the amount of chlorine present in a preparation
  • chlorimetry — the methods and procedures used to determine the amount of chlorine present in a preparation
  • chlorinated — Chlorinated water, for example drinking water or water in a swimming pool, has been cleaned by adding chlorine to it.
  • chlorinates — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of chlorinate.
  • chlorinator — That which chlorinates.

12 letter words starting with chlori

  • chlorimetric — of or relating to chlorimetry
  • chlorinating — Present participle of chlorinate.
  • chlorination — Chemistry. to combine or treat with chlorine. to introduce chlorine atoms into an organic compound by an addition or substitution reaction.

14 letter words starting with chlori

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