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  • chips — CHIPS is a system for transferring funds that makes large value payments in US dollars between major banks.
  • chipset — a highly integrated circuit on the motherboard of a computer that controls many of its data transfer functions
  • chips & technologies — (company)   A former leading distributor and supplier of integrated circuits and software to personal computer manufacturers. As well as semiconductors they also made flat panel displays, video controllers and other computer related products. In 1998, Intel Corporation bought Chips and Technologies for their flat panel controllers. In January 2000, Asiliant Technologies licensed the rights from Intel to continue to manufacturer and sell Chips and Technologies components. Address: 2950 Zanker Road, San Jose, California 95134, USA.
  • chipsets — Plural form of chipset.
  • chip-48 — A reimplementation of CHIP-8 for the HP-48 calculator by Andreas Gustafson <[email protected]>. Posted to news:comp.sys.handhelds in Sep 1990.
  • chip-8 — (language, games)   A low-level interpretive language (really a high-level machine code) developed at RCA in the late 1970s for video games on computers using RCA's CDP1802 processor. It could also be used on the DREAM 6800.
  • chip art — microchip art
  • chip box — chad box