Words starting with cat

3 letter words starting with cat

  • cat — A cat is a furry animal that has a long tail and sharp claws. Cats are often kept as pets.
  • cat 3 — Category 3
  • cat 5 — Category 5
  • cat and mouse — Also called cat and rat. a children's game in which players in a circle keep a player from moving into or out of the circle and permit a second player to move into or out of the circle to escape the pursuing first player.
  • cat around — to search promiscuously for sexual partners; be promiscuous

4 letter words starting with cat

  • cate — a choice bit; dainty
  • cath — Catholic
  • cato — Marcus Porcius (ˈmɑːkəsˈpɔːʃɪəs), known as Cato the Elder or the Censor. 234–149 bc, Roman statesman and writer, noted for his relentless opposition to Carthage
  • cats — credit accumulation transfer scheme: a scheme enabling school-leavers and others to acquire transferable certificates for relevant work experience and study towards a recognized qualification
  • catt — Carrie Chapman1859-1947; U.S. leader in the movement for women's suffrage

5 letter words starting with cat

  • cata- — down; downwards; lower in position
  • catch — If you catch a person or animal, you capture them after chasing them, or by using a trap, net, or other device.
  • catel — (obsolete) property, as distinguished from rent or income.
  • cater — In British English, to cater for a group of people means to provide all the things that they need or want. In American English, you say you cater to a person or group of people.
  • cates — choice dainty food; delicacies

6 letter words starting with cat

  • catalo — a normally sterile hybrid developed from crossing the American bison with domestic cattle
  • catano — a city in NE Puerto Rico, SW of San Juan.
  • catchy — If you describe a tune, name, or advertisement as catchy, you mean that it is attractive and easy to remember.
  • catena — a connected series, esp of patristic comments on the Bible
  • caters — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of cater.

7 letter words starting with cat

  • catalan — Something that is Catalan belongs or relates to Catalonia, its people, or its language. Catalonia is a region of Spain.
  • catalog — A catalog is a list of things such as the goods you can buy from a particular company, the objects in a museum, or the books in a library.
  • catalpa — any bignoniaceous tree of the genus Catalpa of North America and Asia, having large leaves, bell-shaped whitish flowers, and long slender pods
  • catania — a port in E Sicily, near Mount Etna. Pop: 313 110 (2001)
  • catapan — a provincial governor in the Byzantine Empire

8 letter words starting with cat

  • cat-eyed — having eyes resembling those of a cat.
  • cat-foot — to move in the soft, stealthy manner of a cat; pussyfoot.
  • cat-lick — a quick wash
  • cat-tail — any tall, reedlike marsh plant of the genus Typha, especially T. latifolia, having long, sword-shaped leaves and dense, cylindrical clusters of minute brown flowers.
  • catacomb — Catacombs are ancient underground passages and rooms, especially under a city, where people used to be buried.

9 letter words starting with cat

  • cat's-ear — any of various European plants of the genus Hypochoeris, esp H. radicata, having dandelion-like heads of yellow flowers: family Asteraceae (composites)
  • cat's-eye — any of a group of gemstones, esp a greenish-yellow variety of chrysoberyl, that reflect a streak of light when cut in a rounded unfaceted shape
  • cat's-paw — a person used by another as a tool; dupe
  • cat-built — (of a sailing vessel) having a bluff bow and straight stern without a figurehead.
  • cat-train — a train of sleds, cabooses, etc, pulled by a caterpillar tractor, used chiefly in the north during winter to transport freight

10 letter words starting with cat

  • cat's-claw — an acacia shrub (Acacia greggii) native to the Southwest and northern Mexico, having spikes of yellow flowers and thorns resembling claws
  • cat's-foot — a European plant, Antennaria dioica, with whitish woolly leaves and heads of typically white flowers: family Asteraceae (composites)
  • cat-harpin — any of a number of short ropes or rods for gathering in shrouds near their tops.
  • catabiosis — (medicine) The physiological process by which cells physically degrade due to age.
  • catabiotic — Of or pertaining to catabiosis.

11 letter words starting with cat

  • cat-and-dog — continuously or unceasingly vicious and destructive: cat-and-dog competition.
  • catabaptist — a person who is opposed to baptism.
  • catabolisms — Plural form of catabolism.
  • catabolites — Plural form of catabolite.
  • catacaustic — (of a caustic curve or surface) formed by reflected light rays

12 letter words starting with cat

  • catachrestic — Constituting or related to catachresis.
  • catacoustics — the branch of acoustics dealing with echoes and reflected sounds
  • catadioptric — involving a combination of reflecting and refracting components
  • catallactics — political economy
  • catamountain — any of several wildcats, esp. the leopard or the European wildcat

13 letter words starting with cat

  • cat-and-mouse — denoting a fight or contest in which participants attempt to confuse or deceive each other in a cruel or teasing way, esp before a final act of cruelty or unkindness
  • catabolically — In terms of catabolism.
  • catalytically — Chemistry. the causing or accelerating of a chemical change by the addition of a catalyst.
  • catastrophise — Alt form catastrophize.
  • catastrophism — an old doctrine, now discarded, that the earth was created and has subsequently been shaped by sudden divine acts which have no logical connection with each other rather than by gradual evolutionary processes

14 letter words starting with cat

15 letter words starting with cat

16 letter words starting with cat

17 letter words starting with cat

  • cat-o'-nine-tails — a rope whip consisting of nine knotted thongs, used formerly to flog prisoners
  • catapult-launched — (of aircraft) launched into the air by a device installed in warships
  • catastrophization — The act or process of catastrophizing.

18 letter words starting with cat

  • catch-as-catch-can — a style of wrestling in which trips, holds below the waist, etc, are allowed

19 letter words starting with cat

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