Words starting with cable

5 letter words starting with cable

  • cable — A cable is a thick wire, or a group of wires inside a rubber or plastic covering, which is used to carry electricity or electronic signals.
  • cable bend — a knot or clinch for attaching a cable to an anchor or mooring post.
  • cable box — an electronic device that allows cable television channels to be viewed by a subscriber.
  • cable buoy — a buoy marking or supporting part of a submerged cable.
  • cable car — A cable car is a vehicle for taking people up mountains or steep hills. It is pulled by a moving cable.

6 letter words starting with cable

  • cabled — Simple past tense and past participle of cable.
  • cabler — a cable broadcasting company
  • cables — Plural form of cable.
  • cablet — a small cable, esp a cable-laid rope that has a circumference of less than 25 centimetres (ten inches)

7 letter words starting with cable

  • cablets — Plural form of cablet.
  • cable's length — a unit of length in nautical use that has various values, including 100 fathoms (600 feet)

8 letter words starting with cable

  • cableway — a system for moving people or bulk materials in which suspended cars, buckets, etc, run on cables that extend between terminal towers

9 letter words starting with cable

  • cablecast — the transmission of a TV programme via a cable system
  • cablegram — a message sent by undersea cable
  • cablelaid — noting a rope formed of three plain-laid ropes twisted together in a left-handed direction; hawser-laid.
  • cableways — Plural form of cableway.

10 letter words starting with cable

  • cable-knit — knitted using the cable stitch
  • cable-laid — (of a rope) made of three plain-laid ropes twisted together in a left-handed direction
  • cablecasts — Plural form of cablecast.
  • cablegrams — Plural form of cablegram.
  • cablephoto — a photographic image transmitted via cable, especially for use by newspapers or in police work.

11 letter words starting with cable

  • cable-ready — (of a television or VCR) able to receive cable television directly, without the need for special reception or decoding equipment.
  • cablevision — cable television.

12 letter words starting with cable

  • cable-laying — involved in or connected to the activity of laying cables
  • cable-stitch — a series of stitches used in knitting to produce a cable effect.
  • cablecasting — relating to broadcasting by cable
  • cable-stayed bridge — a type of suspension bridge in which the supporting cables are connected directly to the bridge deck without the use of suspenders

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