Words starting with cab

3 letter words starting with cab

  • cab — A cab is a taxi.
  • cab rank — an area, often specially designated, where taxis wait to pick up passengers
  • cab rank rule — the rule that obliges barristers to take on any client in strict rotation
  • cab stand — A cab stand is a place where taxis wait for passengers, for example, at an airport or outside a station.

4 letter words starting with cab

  • caba — (dated) A cabas, or lady's bag.
  • cabe — Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment
  • cabs — Plural form of cab.
  • cabo rojo — a city in SW Puerto Rico.
  • cabo verde — a republic in the Atlantic off the coast of West Africa, consisting of a group of ten islands and five islets: an overseas territory of Portugal until 1975, when the islands became independent. Official language: Portuguese. Religion: Christian (Roman Catholic) majority; animist minority. Currency: Cape Verdean escudo. Capital: Praia. Pop: 531 046 (2013 est). Area: 4033 sq km (1557 sq miles)

5 letter words starting with cab

  • cabal — If you refer to a group of politicians or other people as a cabal, you are criticizing them because they meet and decide things secretly.
  • caban — (Philippines) A grain measure equal to 3.47 cubic feet, used in the Philippine Islands.
  • cabas — a small ladies' bag
  • cabby — a cabdriver.
  • caber — A caber is a long, heavy, wooden pole. It is thrown into the air as a test of strength in the traditional Scottish sport called 'tossing the caber'.

6 letter words starting with cab

  • cabala — a Jewish mystical movement based on a symbolic interpretation of the Scriptures: it flourished from the end of the 12th cent.
  • cabals — Plural form of cabal.
  • cabana — a tent used as a dressing room by the sea
  • cabane — a mastlike structure on some early airplanes, used for supporting the wing.
  • cabbed — Simple past tense and past participle of cab.

7 letter words starting with cab

  • caballe — Montserrat (monserˈrat). born 1933, Spanish operatic soprano
  • cabanas — Plural form of cabana.
  • cabaret — Cabaret is live entertainment consisting of dancing, singing, or comedy acts that are performed in the evening in restaurants or nightclubs.
  • cabbage — A cabbage is a round vegetable with white, green or purple leaves that is usually eaten cooked.
  • cabbagy — having the characteristics of the cabbage as in odor, taste, or color; cabbagelike.

8 letter words starting with cab

  • cab-over — a truck tractor or other vehicle in which the cab is located over the engine.
  • cabalism — a mystical philosophical doctrine based on the doctrines of the cabala
  • cabalist — a member of a cabal.
  • caballed — Simple past tense and past participle of cabal.
  • caballer — a person who cabals

9 letter words starting with cab

  • cabaletta — a short aria with a repetitive rhythm
  • caballero — a Spanish gentleman
  • caballine — pertaining to a horse
  • caballing — a small group of secret plotters, as against a government or person in authority.
  • cabassous — Plural form of cabassou.

10 letter words starting with cab

  • cabalistic — of or relating to the cabala.
  • cabanatuan — city in SC Luzon, in the Philippines: pop. 173,000
  • cabineteer — (sometimes initial capital letter) a member of a governmental cabinet.
  • cable-knit — knitted using the cable stitch
  • cable-laid — (of a rope) made of three plain-laid ropes twisted together in a left-handed direction

11 letter words starting with cab

  • cabbagehead — cabbage1 (def 2).
  • cabbagetown — a former slum area of Toronto, now known for its Victorian architecture and thriving arts community
  • cabbageworm — any caterpillar that feeds on cabbages, esp that of the cabbage white
  • cabbalistic — cabala.
  • cabinetwood — any wood suitable for use in cabinetwork.

12 letter words starting with cab

  • cabalistical — cabalistic
  • cabinet-wine — a piece of furniture with shelves, drawers, etc., for holding or displaying items: a curio cabinet; a file cabinet.
  • cabinetmaker — A cabinetmaker is a person who makes high-quality wooden furniture.
  • cable-laying — involved in or connected to the activity of laying cables
  • cable-stitch — a series of stitches used in knitting to produce a cable effect.

13 letter words starting with cab

14 letter words starting with cab

15 letter words starting with cab

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