Words starting with bore

4 letter words starting with bore

5 letter words starting with bore

  • bored — If you are bored, you feel tired and impatient because you have lost interest in something or because you have nothing to do.
  • borel — rustic, rude
  • borer — a machine or hand tool for boring holes
  • bored stiff — very bored
  • bored to death — very weary and lack stimulation

6 letter words starting with bore

  • boreal — of or relating to the north or the north wind
  • boreas — the god personifying the north wind
  • boreen — a country lane or narrow road
  • boreal chickadee — a brown-capped, black-throated chickadee (Parus hudsonicus) found near the Atlantic coast from Labrador to N New York

7 letter words starting with bore

  • boredom — Boredom is the state of being bored.
  • borelli — Giovanni Alfonso [joh-vah-nee al-fon-soh,, -zoh,, jee-uh-;; Italian jaw-vahn-nee ahl-fawn-zaw] /dʒoʊˈvɑ ni ælˈfɒn soʊ,, -zoʊ,, ˌdʒi ə-;; Italian dʒɔˈvɑn ni ɑlˈfɔn zɔ/ (Show IPA), 1608–79, Italian astronomer, physicist, and physiologist.

8 letter words starting with bore

  • borecole — kale (def 1).
  • borehole — A borehole is a deep round hole made by a special tool or machine, especially one that is made in the ground when searching for oil or water.
  • boresome — boring or uninteresting

9 letter words starting with bore

  • borescope — a long narrow optical device used to inspect the interior of a tight space
  • boresight — to verify the alignment of the sights and bore of (a firearm).

11 letter words starting with bore

  • bore-stroke ratio — The bore-stroke ratio is the ratio of bore to stroke. A ratio of 1:1 is referred to informally as square.

12 letter words starting with bore

  • bored/stoned out of your mind — If you say that someone is, for example, bored out of their mind, scared out of their mind, or stoned out of their mind, you are emphasizing that they are extremely bored, scared, or affected by drugs.

14 letter words starting with bore

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