Words starting with barren

6 letter words starting with barren

  • barren — A barren landscape is dry and bare, and has very few plants and no trees.
  • barren ground caribou — a migrating caribou of the North American tundra and taiga, having many-branched slender antlers.
  • barren strawberry — a Eurasian plant, Potentilla sterilis, related to the strawberry that does not produce edible fruit

7 letter words starting with barren

  • barrens — (in North America) a stretch of usually level land that is sparsely vegetated or barren

8 letter words starting with barren

  • barrenly — Unfruitfully; unproductively.

10 letter words starting with barren

  • barrenness — not producing or incapable of producing offspring; sterile: a barren woman.
  • barrenwort — a herbaceous European berberidaceous plant, Epimedium alpinum, having red-and-yellow star-shaped flowers

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