Words starting with ativ

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Maybe these words will be useful:
  • atimy — a public loss of honour or withdrawal of civil liberties
  • atis — A Tools Integration Standard
  • atigi — a type of parka worn by the Inuit in Canada
  • atilt — in a tilted or inclined position
  • atingle — quivering with delight or elation
  • atiptoe — On tiptoe.
  • atishoo — Atishoo is used, especially in writing, to represent the sound that you make when you sneeze.
  • atitlanLake, a crater lake in SW Guatemala, 4700 feet (1433 meters) above sea level. About 53 sq. mi. (137 sq. km).
  • at hand — If something is at hand, near at hand, or close at hand, it is very near in place or time.