Words starting with atful

Unfortunately we didn’t found any matching words.
Maybe these words will be useful:
  • atfs — Attributed File System
  • atf — Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
  • at hand — If something is at hand, near at hand, or close at hand, it is very near in place or time.
  • atkins — Robert C. 1930–2003, US physician, cardiologist, and nutritionist. An advocate of complementary medicine, he devised a widely-used diet (the Atkins diet) based on controlled intake of carbohydrates for weight management and disease prevention
  • attaint — to pass judgment of death or outlawry upon (a person); condemn by bill of attainder
  • atheroscleroses — plural of atherosclerosis.
  • athenians — Plural form of Athenian.
  • at heart — If you say that someone is a particular kind of person at heart, you mean that that is what they are really like, even though they may seem very different.
  • attainted — Law. to condemn by a sentence or a bill or act of attainder.