Words starting with asop

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  • aso — a group of five volcanic cones in Japan on central Kyushu, one of which, Naka-dake, has the largest crater in the world, between 16 km (10 miles) and 24 km (15 miles) in diameter. Highest cone: 1592 m (5223 ft)
  • asocial — avoiding contact; not gregarious
  • asoka — died 232 bc, Indian emperor (?273–232 bc), who elevated Buddhism to the official state religion
  • asomatous — having no material body; incorporeal.
  • asonia — tone deafness.
  • asosanMount, a volcanic mountain in Japan, in central Kyushu, noted for its vast caldera. 5223 feet (1593 meters).
  • asonant — Not sounding or sounded.
  • ash-pit — a receptacle in the bottom of a fireplace, under a barbecue, or the like, for the accumulation of ashes.
  • astana — the capital of Kazakhstan, in the N of the country; replaced Almaty as capital in 1997; an important railway junction. Pop: 335 000 (2005 est)