Words starting with are

3 letter words starting with are

  • are — Are is the plural and the second person singular of the present tense of the verb be1. Are is often shortened to -'re after pronouns in spoken English.

4 letter words starting with are

  • area — An area is a particular part of a town, a country, a region, or the world.
  • areg — Plural form of erg.
  • ares — the god of war, born of Zeus and Hera
  • aret — to entrust
  • arev — Advanced Revelation

5 letter words starting with are

  • aread — to declare
  • areal — any particular extent of space or surface; part: the dark areas in the painting; the dusty area of the room.
  • arear — Backward; in or to the rear; behindhand.
  • areas — Plural form of area.
  • areca — any of various tall palms of the genus Areca, which are native to SE Asia and have white flowers and orange or red egg-shaped nuts

6 letter words starting with are

  • areach — to reach
  • arecas — Plural form of areca.
  • aren't — Aren't is the usual spoken form of 'are not'.
  • arenas — Plural form of arena.
  • arendt — Hannah. 1906–75, US political philosopher, born in Germany. Her publications include The Origins of Totalitarianism (1951) and Eichmann in Jerusalem (1961)

7 letter words starting with are

  • areally — from an areal point of view
  • areaway — a passageway between parts of a building or between different buildings
  • arecibo — seaport in N Puerto Rico: pop. 100,000
  • arenite — any arenaceous rock; a sandstone
  • arenose — sandy

8 letter words starting with are

  • areaways — Plural form of areaway.
  • areolate — a ring of color, as around the human nipple.
  • areology — the study of the planet Mars
  • arequipa — a city in S Peru, at an altitude of 2250 m (7500 ft): founded in 1540 on the site of an Inca city. Pop: 791 000 (2005 est)
  • arethusa — a North American orchid, Arethusa bulbosa, having one long narrow leaf and one rose-purple flower fringed with yellow

9 letter words starting with are

  • arecoline — a drug derived from betel nuts and producing a range of effects, including increased salivation, body temperature, and heart rate
  • areflexia — (pathology) Lack of neuromuscular reflexes. A symptom associated with many neurological disorders.
  • areflexic — Lb pathology Exhibiting, or relating to, areflexia.
  • arenation — the use of hot sand as a medical poultice
  • areolated — marked by areolae

10 letter words starting with are

  • arefaction — the act of drying, or a dried condition
  • areligious — unconcerned with or indifferent to religious matters.
  • arenaceous — (of sedimentary rocks and deposits) composed of sand or sandstone
  • arenavirus — any of various RNA-containing viruses of the family Arenaviridae, usually transmitted to humans by contact with excreta of infected rodents.
  • areography — the description of the physical features, such as the surface, atmosphere, etc, of the planet Mars

11 letter words starting with are

  • arenicolous — growing or living in sand or sandy places
  • areocentric — relating to a reference system which has Mars as its centre
  • areographic — relating to areography

12 letter words starting with are

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