Words starting with apri

5 letter words starting with apri

  • april — April is the fourth month of the year in the Western calendar.
  • april fool — An April Fool is a trick that is played on April Fool's Day.
  • april fool's day — April Fool's Day is the 1st of April, the day on which people traditionally play tricks on each other.
  • april fool's joke — (humour, event)   (AFJ) Elaborate April Fool's hoaxes are a long-established tradition on Usenet and Internet; see kremvax for an example. In fact, April Fool's Day is the *only* seasonal holiday marked by customary observances on the hacker networks.
  • april fools' day — April 1, a day when practical jokes or tricks are played on unsuspecting people.

7 letter words starting with apri

  • apricot — An apricot is a small, soft, round fruit with yellowish-orange flesh and a stone inside.
  • apriori — Alternative form of a priori.
  • apricot jam — a sweet preserve made from apricots
  • apricot tart — a pastry case filled with apricots

8 letter words starting with apri

  • apricate — to sunbathe or bask in the sun
  • apricity — (obsolete) The warmth of the Sun.
  • apricots — Plural form of apricot.

9 letter words starting with apri

  • apriorism — the philosophical doctrine that there may be genuine knowledge independent of experience
  • apriorist — a person who believes in apriorism
  • apriority — the quality or fact of being a priori

10 letter words starting with apri

  • aprication — the act of sunbathing or basking in the sun

11 letter words starting with apri

  • aprioristic — belief in, or reliance upon, a priori reasoning, arguments, or principles.

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