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  • apache software foundation — (open source, body)   (ASF) A consortium that manages the development of the Apache web server, dozens of XML- and Java-based projects (under the name Jakarta), the Ant build tool, the Geronimo J2EE server, the SpamAssassin anti-SPAM tool, and much more.
  • apacs — Association for Payment Clearing Services
  • apace — If something develops or continues apace, it is developing or continuing quickly.
  • apache — a member of a North American Indian people, formerly nomadic and warlike, inhabiting the southwestern US and N Mexico
  • apache dance — a fast violent dance in French vaudeville, supposedly between a Parisian gangster and his girl
  • apache plume — a low shrub, Fallugia paradoxa, of the rose family, of southwestern North America, having white flowers and fruit heads of feathery tufts.
  • apachean — a subgroup of the Athabaskan language family comprising the languages of the Apache tribes and the Navajo.
  • apaches — a Parisian gangster, rowdy, or ruffian.
  • apal — Array Processor Assembly Language
  • aparel — A PArse REquest Language