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  • allene — (organic chemistry) Any of a class of hydrocarbons having two double bonds from one carbon atom to two others - R2C=C=CR2; especially the parent compound CH2=C=CH2 (propadiene).
  • allenes — Plural form of allene.
  • allenarly — in a solitary manner
  • allen — Ethan. 1738–89, American soldier during the War of Independence who led the Green Mountain Boys of Vermont
  • allen key — an L-shaped tool consisting of a rod having a hexagonal cross section, used to turn a screw (Allen screw) with a hexagonal recess in the head. A different size of key is required for each size of screw
  • allen park — a city in SE Michigan.
  • allen screw — a screw that has a hexagonal cross section in the head, designed to be turned using an Allen key
  • allen wrench — a thin, L-shaped wrench with a hexagonal head at both ends, designed to fit the sockets of certain screws and bolts