Words starting with alan

4 letter words starting with alan

  • alan — a common male first name
  • alan bean — Alan L(aVern) born 1932, U.S. astronaut.
  • alan f. shugart — (person)   The man who founded Shugart Associates and later co-founded Seagate Technology. Alan Shugart left Shugart Associates in 1974 [did he quit or was he fired?] and took a break from the disk-drive business. In 1979, he and Finis Conner founded a new company that at first was called Shugart Technology and later Seagate Technology.
  • alan kay — (person)   The leader of the Software Concepts Group at Xerox Palo Alto Research Centre which developed Smalltalk, the pioneering object-oriented programming system, in 1972.
  • alan m. turing — Alan Turing

5 letter words starting with alan

  • aland — to land, on land, ashore
  • alane — (inorganic compound) aluminium hydride, AlH3.
  • alang — a type of grass grown in Malaysia and often used for thatching roofs
  • alant — a genus of flowering plants more commonly known as Inula
  • aland islands — a group of over 6000 islands under Finnish administration, in the Gulf of Bothnia. Capital: Mariehamn. Pop: 26 347 (2003 est)

6 letter words starting with alan

  • alania — North Ossetia.
  • alanna — (dialect, Ireland, as a term of address) child.
  • alanyl — the acyl radical of alanine, found in certain proteins

7 letter words starting with alan

  • alanine — a nonessential aliphatic amino acid that occurs in many proteins
  • alannah — my child: used as a term of address or endearment
  • alantin — (chemistry, obsolete) inulin.

10 letter words starting with alan

  • alanbrooke — Alan Francis Brooke, 1st Viscount. 1883–1963, British field marshal; chief of Imperial General Staff (1941–46)

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