Words starting with airp

6 letter words starting with airp

  • airpot — A container for storing and dispensing coffee or other beverages that maintains a constant temperature by use of glass insulation.

7 letter words starting with airp

  • airpack — an apparatus consisting of a face mask connected to a portable air supply, as an air tank that can be strapped to one's back, used especially by firefighters and search teams in areas of smoke, poisonous fumes, intense heat, etc.
  • airpark — a small airport often near a business or residential area
  • airpipe — an airhose connecting the mouthpiece of scuba diving equipment to its air supply.
  • airplay — The airplay which a piece of popular music receives is the number of times it is played on the radio.
  • airport — An airport is a place where aircraft land and take off, which has buildings and facilities for passengers.

8 letter words starting with airp

  • airparks — Plural form of airpark.
  • airplane — An airplane is a vehicle with wings and one or more engines that enable it to fly through the air.
  • airports — Plural form of airport.
  • airpower — the strength of a nation's air force
  • airproof — impervious to air

9 letter words starting with airp

12 letter words starting with airp

  • airpocalypse — (informal) The presence of dense smog in many parts of China.

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