Words starting with ai

2 letter words starting with ai

  • ai — AI is an abbreviation for artificial intelligence, or , artificial insemination.
  • ai international — (company)   One of distributors of Prolog++, subsumed by Customer Engagement Company before December 1998.
  • ai koan — (humour)   /A-I koh'an/ One of a series of pastiches of Zen teaching riddles created by Danny Hillis at the MIT AI Lab around various major figures of the Lab's culture. See also ha ha only serious, mu. In reading these, it is at least useful to know that Marvin Minsky, Gerald Sussman, and Drescher are AI researchers of note, that Tom Knight was one of the Lisp machine's principal designers, and that David Moon wrote much of Lisp Machine Lisp. Knight, seeing what the student was doing, spoke sternly: "You cannot fix a machine by just power-cycling it with no understanding of what is going wrong." Knight turned the machine off and on. The machine worked. Moon patiently told the student the following story: "One day a student came to Moon and said: `I understand how to make a better garbage collector... [Pure reference-count garbage collectors have problems with circular structures that point to themselves.] "What are you doing?", asked Minsky. "I am training a randomly wired neural net to play Tic-Tac-Toe", Sussman replied. "Why is the net wired randomly?", asked Minsky. "I do not want it to have any preconceptions of how to play", Sussman said. Minsky then shut his eyes. "Why do you close your eyes?", Sussman asked his teacher. "So that the room will be empty." At that moment, Sussman was enlightened. "I would like to give you this personality test", said the outsider, "because I want you to be happy." Drescher took the paper that was offered him and put it into the toaster, saying: "I wish the toaster to be happy, too."
  • ai weiwei — born 1957, Chinese multimedia artist and political activist. His works include Sunflower Seeds (2010), in which the floor of Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall was covered with millions of tiny porcelain replicas of sunflower seeds

3 letter words starting with ai

  • aia — Associate of the Institute of Actuaries
  • aid — Aid is money, equipment, or services that are provided for people, countries, or organizations who need them but cannot provide them for themselves.
  • aif — (formerly) Australian Imperial Force
  • aih — artificial insemination (by) husband
  • ail — If something ails a group or area of activity, it is a problem or source of trouble for that group or for people involved in that activity.

4 letter words starting with ai

  • aicc — All India Congress Committee: the national assembly of the Indian National Congress
  • aida — a cotton fabric with a natural mesh
  • aide — An aide is an assistant to someone who has an important job, especially in government or in the armed forces.
  • aids — AIDS is a disease which destroys the natural system of protection that the body has against other diseases. AIDS is an abbreviation for 'acquired immune deficiency syndrome'.
  • aidx — (abuse, operating system)   /aydkz/ A derogatory term for IBM's perverted version of Unix, AIX, especially for the AIX 3.? used in the IBM RS/6000 series (some hackers think it is funnier just to pronounce "AIX" as "aches"). A victim of the dreaded "hybridism" disease, this attempt to combine the two main currents of the Unix stream (BSD and USG Unix) became a monstrosity to haunt system administrators' dreams. For example, if new accounts are created while many users are logged on, the load average jumps quickly over 20 due to silly implementation of the user databases. For a quite similar disease, compare HP-SUX. Also, compare Macintrash Nominal Semidestructor, Open DeathTrap, ScumOS, sun-stools.

5 letter words starting with ai

  • aidan — Saint. died 651 ad, Irish missionary in Northumbria, who founded the monastery at Lindisfarne (635). Feast day: Aug 31
  • aided — to provide support for or relief to; help: to aid the homeless victims of the fire.
  • aider — to provide support for or relief to; help: to aid the homeless victims of the fire.
  • aides — nurse's aide.
  • aidid — (zoology) Any member of the Aididae.

6 letter words starting with ai

  • aidant — helpful
  • aidful — helpful; assisting
  • aiding — to provide support for or relief to; help: to aid the homeless victims of the fire.
  • aidman — an army medical assistant attached to a field unit
  • aidmen — Plural form of aidman.

7 letter words starting with ai

  • aidance — help
  • aidless — without help; unassisted
  • aileron — An aileron is a section on the back edge of the wing of an aircraft that can be raised or lowered in order to control the aircraft's movement.
  • ailette — a shoulder component of a knight's armour, normally made of leather or parchment and displaying the bearer's coat of arms
  • ailment — An ailment is an illness, especially one that is not very serious.

8 letter words starting with ai

  • aidoneus — a king of Thesprotia.
  • aigrette — a long plume worn on hats or as a headdress, esp one of long egret feathers
  • aiguille — a rock mass or mountain peak shaped like a needle
  • ailerons — Plural form of aileron.
  • ailments — Plural form of ailment.

9 letter words starting with ai

  • aigrettes — Plural form of aigrette.
  • ailanthic — of or relating to the ailanthus tree
  • ailanthus — an E Asian simaroubaceous deciduous tree, Ailanthus altissima, planted in Europe and North America, having pinnate leaves, small greenish flowers, and winged fruits
  • aimlessly — without aim; purposeless.
  • air-bound — stopped up by air.

10 letter words starting with ai

  • air-cooled — An air-cooled engine is prevented from getting too hot when it is running by cool air that passes over it, rather than being cooled by a liquid.
  • air-intake — an opening in an aircraft through which air is drawn, esp for the engines
  • air-logged — (of a pump or system of piping) hindered in its functioning by an air lock; air-bound.
  • air-minded — interested in or promoting aviation or aircraft
  • air-to-air — Air-to-air combat is a battle between military aeroplanes where rockets or bullets are fired at one aeroplane from another.

11 letter words starting with ai

  • ai-complete — (artificial intelligence, jargon)   /A-I k*m-pleet'/ (MIT, Stanford: by analogy with "NP-complete") A term used to describe problems or subproblems in artificial intelligence, to indicate that the solution presupposes a solution to the "strong AI problem" (that is, the synthesis of a human-level intelligence). A problem that is AI-complete is, in other words, just too hard. See also gedanken.
  • aibohphobia — (humorous) An irrational fear of palindromes.
  • aid-de-camp — aide-de-camp.
  • aiguillette — an ornamentation worn by certain military officers, consisting of cords with metal tips
  • ailanthuses — Plural form of ailanthus.

12 letter words starting with ai

  • aichmophobia — the fear of pointed objects, esp needles, pins, etc
  • aide-de-camp — An aide-de-camp is an officer in the armed forces who helps an officer of higher rank.
  • aide-memoire — An aide-memoire is something such as a list that you use to remind you of something.
  • aids-related — caused by or associated with the AIDS virus
  • aiguillettes — Plural form of aiguillette.

13 letter words starting with ai

  • ailurophiliac — Appropriate or pleasing to ailurophiles.
  • air-breathing — (of an engine, aircraft, missile, etc.) to take in air from the atmosphere to oxidize the fuel for combustion.
  • air-condition — to apply air conditioning to
  • air-hardening — noting any metal, especially alloy steel, that can be hardened from above its transformation point by cooling in air.
  • air-to-ground — operating between an aircraft in flight and a target on the ground

14 letter words starting with ai

15 letter words starting with ai

  • air-superiority — designating a fighter aircraft built for long patrol capability at high altitudes and supersonic speeds, with air-to-air combat as its principal mission.
  • airconditioning — Alternative spelling of air conditioning.
  • aix-en-provence — a city and spa in SE France: the medieval capital of Provence. Pop: 145 721 (2006)
  • aix-la-chapelle — Aachen

17 letter words starting with ai

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