Words starting with aheav

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Maybe these words will be useful:
  • ahead — Something that is ahead is in front of you. If you look ahead, you look directly in front of you.
  • ahead of one's time — (Idiomatic) In advance of concurrent commonly accepted ideas; showing characteristics of changes yet to be; present in one's work before later advances in the field.
  • ahead of the game — in the position of winning, esp. in gambling
  • ahead of time — If you do something ahead of time, you do it before a particular event or before you need to, in order to be well prepared.
  • ahead of — If someone is ahead of you, they are directly in front of you. If someone is moving ahead of you, they are in front of you and moving in the same direction.
  • ahead of the curve — People, products or ideas that are ahead of the curve are more advanced or modern than others of their kind.
  • ahead of the pack/leading the pack — You can say that someone is ahead of the pack or leading the pack if they are ahead of everyone else in a race or competition.
  • ahead of your time — If someone is ahead of their time or before their time, they have new ideas a long time before other people start to think in the same way.
  • aheap — in a heap