Words starting with agriponr

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Maybe these words will be useful:
  • agrippina (ii) — (Julia) a.d. 15?-59; mother of Nero
  • agriproduct — a product that is a result of agribusiness
  • agriproducts — Plural form of agriproduct.
  • agrippa — Marcus Vipsanius (ˈmɑːkəs vɪpˈseɪnɪəs). 63–12 bc, Roman general: chief adviser and later son-in-law of Augustus
  • agrippina — called the Elder. c. 14 bc–33 ad, Roman matron: granddaughter of Augustus, wife of Germanicus, mother of Caligula and Agrippina the Younger
  • agrippina ii — a.d. 16?–59? mother of the Roman emperor Nero and sister of Caligula.
  • agribusinessman — a person who engages in agribusiness
  • agric — agricultural
  • agricultural college — a college of further education where students learn farming skills
  • agricultural engineer — an engineer who specialises in the design, development, and installation of agricultural and forestry machinery and advises on rural development and the management of natural resources