Words starting with ado

3 letter words starting with ado

  • ado — bustling activity; fuss; bother; delay (esp in the phrases without more ado, with much ado)

4 letter words starting with ado

  • adoe — Obsolete spelling of ado.
  • ados — Plural form of ado.
  • adon olam — a liturgical prayer or hymn expressing the faith of Israel in God, often sung in unison usually at the close of a service.

5 letter words starting with ado

  • adobe — Adobe is a mixture of mud and straw that is dried into bricks in the sun and used for building, especially in hot countries.
  • adobo — the national dish of the Philippines, which consists of chunks of meat, fish, or vegetables, marinated in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, and spices and then stewed in the marinade
  • adolf — a male given name: from Germanic words meaning “noble” and “wolf.”.
  • adopt — If you adopt a new attitude, plan, or way of behaving, you begin to have it.
  • adore — If you adore someone, you feel great love and admiration for them.

6 letter words starting with ado

  • adobes — Plural form of adobe.
  • adobos — Plural form of adobo.
  • adolph — a masculine name: equiv. L. Adolphus, Fr. Adolphe, Ger. Adolf
  • adonai — a name for God
  • adonic — (in classical prosody) of or relating to a verse line consisting of a dactyl (– ◡ ◡) followed by a spondee (– –) or by a trochee (– ◡), thought to have been first used in laments for Adonis

7 letter words starting with ado

  • adonais — Hebrew. a title of reverence for God, serving also as a substitute pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton.
  • adonias — a son of David, put to death at the order of Solomon. II Sam. 3:4; I Kings 2:19–25.
  • adonize — (of a man) to make more beautiful
  • adopted — having been adopted
  • adoptee — a person who is adopted.

8 letter words starting with ado

  • adonijah — a son of David, put to death at the order of Solomon. II Sam. 3:4; I Kings 2:19–25.
  • adonises — Classical Mythology. a youth slain by a wild boar but permitted by Zeus to pass four months every year in the lower world with Persephone, four with Aphrodite, and four wherever he chose.
  • adoptees — Plural form of adoptee.
  • adopters — Plural form of adopter.
  • adopting — Present participle of adopt.

9 letter words starting with ado

10 letter words starting with ado

  • adolescent — Adolescent is used to describe young people who are no longer children but who have not yet become adults. It also refers to their behaviour.
  • adoptively — in an adoptive manner; by adoption
  • adorations — Plural form of adoration.
  • adornments — Plural form of adornment.

11 letter words starting with ado

  • adolescence — Adolescence is the period of your life in which you develop from being a child into being an adult.
  • adolescents — Plural form of adolescent.
  • adoptionism — an early Greek theology that Jesus was a man gifted with divine powers
  • adoptionist — someone who believes in adoptionism
  • adorability — the quality of being adorable or highly attractive

12 letter words starting with ado

  • adolescences — the transitional period between puberty and adulthood in human development, extending mainly over the teen years and terminating legally when the age of majority is reached; youth.
  • adolescently — in an adolescent manner
  • adoptability — the quality or extent of being adoptable
  • adorableness — very attractive or delightful; charming: What an adorable hat!

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