Words starting with acousti

8 letter words starting with acousti

  • acoustic — An acoustic guitar or other instrument is one whose sound is produced without any electrical equipment.
  • acoustic coupler — a device converting computer-data signals into acoustic form for transmission down a telephone line, through the handset microphone
  • acoustic feature — any of the acoustic components or elements present in a speech sound and capable of being experimentally observed, recorded, and reproduced
  • acoustic feedback — a type of feedback that is created when there is a sound loop linking an audio input and an audio output, such that a high-pitched squealing sound is produced
  • acoustic gramophone — a device for reproducing the sounds stored on a record: now usually applied to the nearly obsolete type that uses a clockwork motor and acoustic horn

9 letter words starting with acousti

  • acoustics — the scientific study of sound and sound waves

10 letter words starting with acousti

  • acoustical — acoustic; specif., having to do with the control of sound
  • acousticks — Obsolete form of acoustics.
  • acoustical cloud — one of a number of acoustic panels installed near the ceiling of a concert hall to reflect sound for improving the acoustic quality of music.
  • acoustical surveillance — the collecting or recording of information by sound-detection methods and devices, as for intelligence purposes.
  • acoustical tile — tile made in various sizes and textures from soft, usually fibrous, sound-absorbing material, as wood, cork, or metal, and typically applied to ceilings or walls.

11 letter words starting with acousti

12 letter words starting with acousti

  • acoustically — with reference to acoustics; from the standpoint of acoustics
  • acoustimeter — a portable electronic device for measuring noise levels, especially those of traffic.

15 letter words starting with acousti

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