Words starting with accommodati

13 letter words starting with accommodati

  • accommodating — If you describe someone as accommodating, you like the fact that they are willing to do things in order to please you or help you.
  • accommodation — Accommodation is used to refer to buildings or rooms where people live or stay.
  • accommodative — tending to accommodate; adaptive.
  • accommodation address — an address on letters, etc, to a person or business that does not wish or is not able to receive post at a permanent or actual address
  • accommodation bill — a bill of exchange cosigned by a guarantor: designed to strengthen the acceptor's credit

14 letter words starting with accommodati

  • accommodations — Accommodations are hotels or rooms where people can stay for a period of time.

15 letter words starting with accommodati

16 letter words starting with accommodati

  • accommodationism — A policy of being accommodating.
  • accommodationist — a person who seeks to promote adaptation to or compromise with an opposing point of view

17 letter words starting with accommodati

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