Words starting with abbe

4 letter words starting with abbe

  • abbe — Ernst. 1840–1905, German physicist, noted for his work in optics and the microscope condenser known as the Abbe condenser
  • abbe condenser — a microscope condenser invented by Ernst Abbe (1840-1905), German physicist
  • abbe number — the reciprocal of the dispersive power of a substance.

5 letter words starting with abbe

  • abbed — displaying well-developed abdominal muscles
  • abbes — a member of the secular clergy.
  • abbey — An abbey is a church with buildings attached to it in which monks or nuns live or used to live.
  • abbey theatre — an influential theatre in Dublin (opened 1904): associated with it were Synge, Yeats, Lady Gregory, and O'Casey. It was destroyed by fire in 1951 but was rebuilt; it reopened in 1966

6 letter words starting with abbe

  • abbess — An abbess is the nun who is in charge of the other nuns in a convent.
  • abbeys — Plural form of abbey.

8 letter words starting with abbe

9 letter words starting with abbe

  • abbeville — a town in N France: brewing, sugar-refining, and carpet industries. Pop: 24 567 (1999)

11 letter words starting with abbe

  • abbevillian — the period represented by Lower Palaeolithic European sites containing the earliest hand axes, dating from the Mindel glaciation

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