3-letter words starting with a

  • a&b — (communications)   A bit signaling procedure used in most T1 transmission facilities where one bit from every sixth frame of each of 24 T1 subchannels is used for carrying supervisory signaling.
  • a-0 — (language)   (Or A0) A language for the UNIVAC I or II, using three-address code instructions for solving mathematical problems. A-0 was the first language for which a compiler was developed. It was produced by Grace Hopper's team at Remington Rand in 1952. Later internal versions were A-1, A-2, A-3, AT-3. AT-3 was released as MATH-MATIC.
  • a-1 — noting a vessel regarded by a shipping-classification society as being equipped to the highest standard and with equipment maintained in first-class condition.
  • a-3 — ARITH-MATIC
  • a-t — the 20th letter of the English alphabet, a consonant.
  • a-v — audiovisual
  • a/a — articles of association
  • a/c — a/c is an abbreviation for air-conditioning.
  • a/d — after date
  • a/f — as found
  • a/m — Air Marshal
  • a/o — account of
  • a/r — all risks
  • a/s — after sight
  • a1c — airman first class
  • a3d — (hardware)   (Aureal 3-Dimensional?) A technology developed by Aureal that delivers sound with a three-dimensional effect through two speakers. Many modern sound cards and PC games now support this feature. A3D differs from the various forms of surround sound in that it only requires two speakers, while surround sound typically requires four or five. It is sometimes less convincing than surround sound but is supposedly better in interactive environments. For example, PC games in which sounds often move from one speaker to another favour A3D, while pre-recorded video favours surround sound.
  • a56 — (language)   An assembler for the Motorola DSP56000 and DSP56001 digital signal processors by Quinn Jensen <[email protected]>. Version 1.1 is available from an alt.sources archive or ftp://wuarchive.wustl.edu/.
  • aaa — Amateur Athletic Association
  • aab — (military) initialism of anti-aircraft battery.
  • aac — Advanced Audio Coding
  • aad — (Geordie) old.
  • aah — to exclaim in pleasure or surprise
  • aal — an East Indian shrub
  • aam — air-to-air missile
  • aap — Australian Associated Press
  • aar — against all risks
  • aas — basaltic lava having a rough surface.
  • aau — Amateur Athletic Union
  • ab- — away from; off; outside of; opposite to
  • aba — a type of cloth from Syria, made of goat hair or camel hair
  • abb — the yarn used for the warp
  • abc — The ABC of a subject or activity is the parts of it that you have to learn first because they are the most important and basic.
  • abd — all but dissertation: the stage at which a postgraduate doctoral student has completed the preparatory coursework and examinations for their doctorate, but has not yet completed a PhD dissertation
  • abeAbraham ("Abe") 1860–1951, U.S. novelist and journalist, born in Russia.
  • abh — actual bodily harm
  • abi — Application Binary Interface
  • abm — antiballistic missile
  • abo — (as modifier)
  • abp — archbishop
  • abr — abridged
  • abs — Abs are the same as abdominals.
  • abt — (academics) 'a'll 'b'ut 't'hesis: A description of the status of a masters , doctoral, or (infrequently) undergraduate student who has completed all degree requirements except the culminating thesis.
  • abv — alcohol by volume: the number of ml of ethyl alcohol present in each 100 ml of an alcoholic beverage when measured at 20°C; displayed on the packaging of alcoholic drinks in EU countries and used to calculate the amount of tax payable
  • aby — to pay the penalty for; redeem
  • ac- — ad-
  • ac2 — (audio)   An audio format, succeded by AC3.
  • ac3 — (audio)   An audio format by Sony[?], the successor of AC2. AC3 is used for multi-channel audio for digital video.
  • aca — Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • acc — Accident Compensation Corporation
  • ace — An ace is a playing card with a single symbol on it. In most card games, the ace of a particular suit has either the highest or the lowest value of the cards in that suit.

On this page, we collect all 3-letter words starting with letter A. It’s easy to find right word with a certain length. It is the easiest way to find 3-letter word that beginning with A to use in Scrabble or Crossword puzzles.

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