20-letter words starting with a

  • a bolt from the blue — a sudden, unexpected, and usually unwelcome event
  • a coroutine language — (language)   (ACL) A Pascal-based implementation of coroutines.
  • a double-edged sword — If you say that something is a double-edged sword or a two-edged sword, you mean that it has negative effects as well as positive effects.
  • a drop in the bucket — an amount very small in relation to what is needed or desired
  • a fight to the death — If you refer to a fight or contest as a fight to the death, you are emphasizing that it will not stop until the death or total victory of one of the opponents.
  • a lick and a promise — something hastily done, esp a hurried wash
  • a load off your mind — If you say that something that happens is a load off your mind or a weight off your mind, you mean that it causes you to stop worrying, for example because it solves a problem that you had.
  • a nail in the coffin — If you say that one thing is a nail in the coffin of another thing, you mean that it will help bring about its end or failure.
  • a repeat performance — If there is a repeat performance of something, usually something undesirable, it happens again.
  • a safe pair of hands — If you say that someone is or has a safe pair of hands, you mean that they are reliable and will not make any serious mistakes.
  • a shoulder to cry on — If someone offers you a shoulder to cry on or is a shoulder to cry on, they listen sympathetically as you talk about your troubles.
  • a trick of the light — If you say that something is a trick of the light, you mean that what you are seeing is an effect caused by the way that the light falls on things, and does not really exist in the way that it appears.
  • a vinculo matrimonii — pertaining to or noting a divorce that absolutely dissolves the marriage bond and releases the spouses from all matrimonial obligations: a divorce a vinculo matrimonii.
  • abetalipoproteinemia — a rare inherited disorder of fat metabolism due to an inability to synthesize certain apolipoproteins necessary for the transport of triglycerides, leading to diarrhea, steatorrhea, and failure to thrive.
  • abreast of the times — up-to-date, as in ideas, fashions, etc.; modern
  • absent without leave — absent from duty without official permission but with no intention of deserting
  • absolute convergence — the property of an infinite series in which the series formed by replacing each term in the original series with its absolute value converges. Compare conditional convergence.
  • absolute temperature — temperature measured from absolute zero on the Kelvin scale or on the Rankine scale
  • absolute undertaking — a legally binding promise to do something that is not restricted or qualified in any way
  • abstract of accounts — a published condensed summary of a company or organization's annual accounts
  • abstract syntax tree — (compiler)   (AST) A data structure representing something which has been parsed, often used as a compiler or interpreter's internal representation of a program while it is being optimised and from which code generation is performed. The range of all possible such structures is described by the abstract syntax.
  • acadia national park — a national park in Maine, on Mount Desert Island. 44 sq. mi. (114 sq. km).
  • accessory chromosome — B chromosome.
  • accommodation bureau — a business that finds accommodation for its clients
  • accommodation collar — the arrest of a person on little or no evidence merely to fill a public or political demand for police action.
  • accommodation ladder — a flight of stairs or a ladder for lowering over the side of a ship for access to and from a small boat, pier, etc
  • accounting standards — a set of standard rules that accountancy companies are obliged to follow
  • acetylcholinesterase — an enzyme in nerve cells that is responsible for the destruction of acetylcholine and thus for switching off excitation of the nerve
  • acetylmethylcarbinol — acetoin.
  • acetylsalicylic acid — aspirin
  • achievement quotient — a measure of ability derived by dividing an individual's achievement age by his actual age
  • acorn computer group — (company)   A holding company for Acorn Computers Limited, Acorn Australia, Acorn New Zealand, Acorn GmbH and Online Media. Acorn Computer Group owns 43% of Advanced RISC Machines Ltd.
  • acorn computers ltd. — (company)   A UK computer manufacturer, part of the Acorn Computer Group plc. Acorn was founded on 1978-12-05, on a kitchen table in a back room. Their first creation was an electronic slot machine. After the Acorn System 1, 2 and 3, Acorn launched the first commercial microcomputer - the ATOM in March 1980. In April 1981, Acorn won a contract from the BBC to provide the PROTON. In January 1982 Acorn launched the BBC Microcomputer System. At one time, 70% of microcomputers bought for UK schools were BBC Micros. The Acorn Computer Group went public on the Unlisted Securities Market in September 1983. In April 1984 Acorn won the Queen's Award for Technology for the BBC Micro and in September 1985 Olivetti took a controlling interest in Acorn. The Master 128 Series computers were launched in January 1986 and the BBC Domesday System in November 1986. In 1983 Acorn began to design the Acorn RISC Machine (ARM), the first low-cost, high volume RISC processor chip (later renamed the Advanced RISC Machine). In June 1987 they launched the Archimedes range - the first 32-bit RISC based microcomputers - which sold for under UKP 1000. In February 1989 the R140 was launched. This was the first Unix workstation under UKP 4000. In May 1989 the A3000 (the new BBC Microcomputer) was launched. In 1990 Acorn formed Advanced RISC Machines Ltd. (ARM) in partnership with Apple Computer, Inc. and VLSI to develop the ARM processor. Acorn has continued to develop RISC based products. With 1992 revenues of 48.2 million pounds, Acorn Computers was the premier supplier of Information Technology products to UK education and had been the leading provider of 32-bit RISC based personal computers since 1987. Acorn finally folded in the late 1990s. Their operating system, RISC OS was further developed by a consortium of suppliers.
  • acquis communautaire — European Union laws
  • action at a distance — the supposed interaction of two separated bodies without any intervening medium. In modern theories all interactions are assumed to require a field of force
  • activex data objects — (database, Microsoft, programming)   (ADO) Microsoft's library for accessing data sources through OLE DB. Typically it is used to query or modify data stored in a relational database.
  • acts of the apostles — the fifth book of the New Testament, describing the development of the early Church from Christ's ascension into heaven to Paul's sojourn at Rome
  • adams-stokes disease — unconsciousness accompanying atrioventricular heart block, sometimes characterized by weakness, irregular pulse, and intermittent convulsive or nonconvulsive seizures.
  • add insult to injury — to make an unfair or unacceptable situation even worse
  • adirondack mountains — a mountain range in NE New York State. Highest peak: Mount Marcy, 1629 m (5344 ft)
  • administration order — an order by a court appointing a person to manage a company that is in financial difficulty, in an attempt to ensure the survival of the company or achieve the best realization of its assets
  • administrative court — a court that specializes in dealing with cases relating to the way in which government bodies exercise their powers
  • administrative leave — leave, as from a government agency or department, arranged by special permission or directive: During the investigation she was placed on administrative leave with pay.
  • admiral of the fleet — an officer of the highest rank in the Royal Navy, equivalent to field marshal
  • adrenocorticosteroid — corticosteroid
  • adrenocorticotrophic — stimulating the adrenal cortex
  • adrenocorticotrophin — (hormone) adrenocorticotropic hormone.
  • adult onset diabetes — diabetes (def 4).
  • adult-onset diabetes — any of several disorders characterized by increased urine production.
  • adventure playground — An adventure playground is an area of land for children to play in, usually in cities or in a park. It has wooden structures and equipment such as ropes, nets, and rubber tyres.

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